Access to Information on my property

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How to access information regarding your property including Land Zoning, Development Control Plans and more. 





NSW Planning Portal ePlanning Spacial Viewer

The Planning Portal  eplaninng Spatial Viewer provides property details and information including:

  • Lot / Plan No.
  • Land Zoning
  • Building Height
  • Minimum Lot Size
  • Mine Subsidence
  • State Environmental Planning Policies (SEPPs)
  • Development Control Plans (DCPs)
  • Contribution Plans (CPs)

To locate this information for a property go to the planning NSW button.jpg and enter the applicable property address. 

If the property has not been registered with the NSW Land Registry Services you will not be able to look up the property. 

SIX Viewer

The Spatial Information eXchange (SIX) viewer enables users to display and question a wide range of spatial (location based) information across NSW which may assist with preparing an application, including:
  • Lot / Section / Plan number information 
  • Aerial photography of a property address
  • Satellite imagery
  • Property information
  • Geographic information


Planning Certificate

To apply for a Planning Certificate also know as a Zoning Certificate, please complete the Planning Certificate Application - Section 10.7 form 


Development Applications (DAs)/Construction Plans for your property

If you are the applicant of the DA and it was lodged via the Planning Portal, you can access all your documents via the NSW Planning Portal.

If you engaged a third party (Private Certifier/Architect/Planning Consultant etc) to process your DA or other applications, you can liaise with them to provide all the documents.

You can access the Notice of Determinations (Consent/Approval or Refused) for Development Applications (DAs) and Modification DAs via the DA Tracker.

Plans are not shared on the DA Tracker for privacy reasons. So, if you want a copy of these for your property they can be requested via a GIPA. If the applicant is not the owner of the plans (i.e. builder, drafts person  or architect) you will need to obtain proof of owners consent for the plans.


Adjoining Property Information

Click on the button to access adjoining property information.



Agricultural Land Classification Maps

A knowledge of the relative suitability of land for agriculture will help with the development of strategic plans, which protect land highly suited to agriculture and identify land more suited to non-agricultural activities.

NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) produces agricultural land classification maps, on a local government area basis, which rank land on its suitability for agricultural production. 

The maps are produced by evaluating biophysical, social and economic factors that influence the use of land for agriculture.

NSW Department of Primary Industries - Agricultural Land Use Mapping and Classification Guide

Mittagong Agricultural Land Classification Map(PDF, 2MB)

Moss Vale Agricultural Land Classification Map(PDF, 2MB)

Kiama Agricultural Land Classification Map(PDF, 2MB)

Wollongong Agricultural Land Classification Map(PDF, 1MB)


Shire Localities

The Gazetted Shire Localities Map(PDF, 6MB) includes:

  • Town & Village Names
  • Rural Place Names
  • Urban Place Names
  • Historic Areas

DownloadWingecarribee Shire Map(PDF, 3MB)



For more information on general planning matters you may wish to book a 15 minute meeting with Council's Duty Planner or for more complex development advice a Pre-DA meeting.

Duty Planner  Pre-lodgement Meeting