Community engagement and consultation is a regular and important part of Council's everyday services, involving the interaction of staff and Councillors with the local community. 

The list below shows some of the ways you can have a say or find out what is happening in our Shire:

Community Engagement Strategy and Policy

Following consultation in early 2014, Wingecarribee Shire Council adopted its first strategy and policy for community engagement on 26 November 2014. Both documents were reviewed and updated in 2019, in line with the Communications Strategy. 

The current adopted documents are provided below;


Petition Information

Visit the following page to find out further information about how to lodge a petition with Council. 


Participate Wingecarribee

Participate Wingecarribee is Wingecarribee Shire Council's online engagement platform, where you'll find details about past, current, and future projects within the Shire.

The platform is regularly updated with opportunities for you to participate in decision-making about community issues that affect you.

You can visit Participate Wingecarribee to view some the current consultations and public exhibitions that are happening within the Shire.

For more information or to take part in the conversation, please visit the Participate Wingecarribee page and register for regular email updates. You can also email for further information about the platform.