SUNSpot Solar Savings Calculator

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Check your solar installation costs and savings

Thinking about going solar for your home's energy needs, but don’t know where to start?

Your decision-making process has been simplified with the SunSPOT Solar Calculator, which estimates the solar system installation cost for your property's rooftop and your potential energy savings each year if you go solar.

The Solar Calculator uses satellite imagery to show how much solar radiation falls on different surfaces of your roof and determines the best places to attach solar panels at your property.

To use the calculator, check a recent electricity bill for much power you use each day on average. You'll also need to provide some other basic details about your home's energy needs.


The SunSPOT Solar Calculator forms part of Council's Sustainable Us initiative, which aims to assist the community to lower its greenhouse gas emissions. Electricity usage accounts for 47 per cent of our total local emissions, switching to solar can make a big difference. 

What information will the Solar Calculator provide?


Example of the rooftop radiation solar map

Screenshot of SunSPOT solar calculator rooftop radiation map

Video tutorial: How to use the Solar Calculator