Planning Information Services

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We suggest seeking guidance when you're in the planning phase of your project. Council can offer planning information or you can also seek this from an independent development expert. 

General Planning Assistance

The Duty Planner can assist with providing details around:

  • Development planning council's and policies that affect your property
  • Whether you will require formal approval for your proposal or if it does not require consent.
  • What particular building controls apply to your property (e.g. your property is Heritage listed or located in a Heritage area) and the process for applying for approval to carry out building works.

Please be aware that the Duty Planner is only able to provide general advice and cannot provide:

  • Advice that is site-specific
  • Confirm the zoning information for a property
  • Provide advice on whether the proposal would be approved or refused.

What Free Planning Information Services do Council offer and when?

  • Duty Planner 
  • Duty Development Engineer
  • Duty Accredited Certifier  
Duty Planner: Tuesday       8:30 am - 12:30 pm

Thursday      8:30 am - 12:30 pm
Duty Development Engineer:  Thursday      8:30 am - 10:30 am
Duty Certifier: Wednesday  2:00 pm - 4:00 pm




The Duty Planner / Duty Development Engineer / Duty Accredited Certifier services are designed to provide preliminary information on planning, engineering and building related enquiries associated with properties. 

All appointments are for a maximum of 15 minutes and the Duty Planner Booking form contains questions to ensure that your inquiry is efficiently directed. To allow for our preparation booking close 24 hours before.



Does your Duty Planner enquiry relate to a current Development Application?

Please note that our Planning Information Service enquiries can not be regarding Current Development Applications (DAs) already lodged with Council. You can get an update on the process of your Development Application via our DA Tracker.

Is my Duty enquiry regarding any of the following?

Please note that the Planning Information Service does not include the below areas of enquiry.

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Land Zoning and Minimum Lot Size  

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 Finding Information on my property  

 Developer button.jpg

 Developer Contributions

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Development Applications

stormwater button.jpg

Stormwater and Drainage

 driveway button.jpg

 Driveways and Vehicular Crossings


Book your Duty Appointment

Click the button and select the type of Duty Service you need - please check through tables to determine what appointment you need to book. 

Duty Appointment Bookings



When should I book a Pre-Lodgement Meeting?

It is recommended that you book a Pre-Lodgement meeting for any large or more complex proposals prior to submitting your application to Council.

Pre-lodgement Meeting


Does your Development need approval from Council?

Many types of development do not need Council approval. To find out if your development is Exempt Development or the type of Consent required please review the information on the NSW Planning Portal.

NSW Planning Portal