Council raises concern over Plasrefine proposal

Published on 21 April 2022

Moss Vale

Wingecarribee Shire Council has raised concerns in its submission to the NSW Government in relation to the proposed Plasrefine plastic recycling facility in Moss Vale following its Ordinary Meeting of 20 April.

Council’s Interim Administrator Viv May adopted the recommendation to not support the proposal following a comprehensive review of the proponent’s Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).

The plastics recycling facility, proposed for land at 74-76 Beaconsfield Road, seeks to extract mixed plastics from waste, sort the plastics into different types and convert the various plastics to plastic flakes, pellets, polyester fibre and resins.

The proposal has a capacity to receive 120,000 tonnes of mixed plastics per year.

Due to the proposed size of the facility, its economic value and the potential impacts it is considered a State Significant Development (SSD) and must be assessed and determined by the NSW Government.

While Council does not oppose plastics recycling generally, there are concerns about the suitability of the site and the capacity of the existing infrastructure networks to accommodate the proposed development.

Key reasons cited within Council’s submission to not support the proposed recycling facility include:

  • Inconsistency with the Moss Vale Enterprise Corridor Development Control Plan
  • Water and wastewater infrastructure gaps
  • Transport infrastructure gaps
  • Health and amenity issues
  • Lack of a Social Impact Assessment

Council resolved to oppose the proposed development in its current proposed location and until important infrastructure gaps are either resolved, or there is certainty about the completion dates for the infrastructure projects. To alleviate community concern the resolution also recommends that Council advise the Department of Planning and Environment (DPE) that a further thorough and transparent review of matters of concern including health and amenity issues, noise and air quality is prepared before a final planning decision is made.

To view available information on the proposed development and assessment process, visit the DPE website at