Exempt Development

Deck building

Exempt Development is a specific list of development types which can be undertaken without obtaining approval.

Items that are exempt from development approval only apply to certain types of development that are of minimal environmental impact and cannot be carried out in certain areas, such as in critical habitats.

Get more details about what development is Exempt:

In order to find out if your development is Exempt you should read through the general requirements listed under Part 1 of the policy as they apply to all exempt development.

In addition, each type of development must also meet specific ‘Development Standards’ in order to be exempt. 

All Exempt Development must still meet the National Construction Code (NCC) as well as the requirements for adjoining owners’ property rights, the applicable common law and other legislative requirements for approvals, licenses, permits and authorities.

If your development does not satisfy all the exempt development criteria, you will need to:


Exempt development in Council's Local Environment Plan (LEP)

In addition to the State Environmental Planning Policy (Exempt and Complying Development Codes) 2008 which has State-wide application, Schedule 2 of the Wingecarribee LEP contains additional exempt development not specified in that Policy.

Understanding Exempt Development