Blueprint for Resilience


Those of us impacted by fires and other disasters across the region acknowledge the need to do things differently in response to climate change. We need new tools and ways of working together to undertake the actions required to prepare for and prevent the impacts of disasters and to recover and rebuild in more resilient ways.

The Resilience Blueprint project facilitates councils and communities across the region to better prevent, prepare, respond and recover from future disasters and challenges. The vision is for individuals, families, communities and organisations to confidently navigate a changing world.

The Resilience Blueprint is a guide for protecting what is important. The Blueprint builds on sharing and learning from past experiences, assessing past and future risks to key values using hazard and impact data, and prioritising actions. It will provide tools and resources to integrate resilience thinking into day-today decisions, build skills through training and deliver high value regionally significant resilience projects.

The Canberra Region Joint Organisation is creating the Blueprint for a Resilient South East in partnership with councils, community, emergency and resilience specialists, and state and federal agencies. Delivered through local government, the project works with national and state government, emergency services, researchers, businesses and communities to embed resilience in decision making.

The range and scale of disasters and changes to our climate means we need new partnerships between government and community, with clear roles and responsibilities for prevention and preparedness. A resilient South East NSW will better respond and recover from natural disasters and achieve beneficial outcomes through social cohesion, sustained economic activity.