Management of Trees and Vegetation


Our Shire is celebrated for beautiful trees that line our neighbourhood streets, fill our parks and feature in private gardens providing shade and changing colours throughout the year.

Naturally, the protection of these unique streetscapes is extremely important to us.

Council manages public trees on a whole-of-life basis where existing trees, new plantings and potential plantings are recorded in our Asset Management System. How we manage these trees is guided by our:


Benefits of Trees

Trees offer many benefits including:

  • The shade and cooling of our streets
  • The habitat they provide for local fauna,
  • And the grace and beauty they add to our urban environment.

Healthy and well-developed street trees create a ‘shadeway’ over our footpaths and help to create the sort of place pedestrians find safe, pleasant and inviting. Drivers also appreciate shaded street-side parking and the softening view of trees lining the road.


Urban Tree Policy Statement

Our Urban Tree Policy Statement is:

Wingecarribee Shire Council is committed to providing an appealing, liveable region with a diverse and healthy tree population that promotes and delivers economic, ecological, and social benefits to the community.


Tree Management Activities

Council proactively and reactively manages trees located on land managed by Council, such as maintained roads, urban streets, parks and natural areas. Each year our tree management activities include:

  • Inspection and pruning programs to prevent and minimise problems with trees;
  • Removing and replacing declining trees to sustain the urban forest;
  • Protecting and promoting trees that contribute to the shires rich natural and built history;
  • Planting new trees and avenues and helping them to grow into strong, healthy and beautiful assets; and
  • Data collection programs to guide proactive inspections and management. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I prune, remove or modify the street tree?

It is illegal for residents to prune, modify, remove or damage Council controlled trees or vegetation without obtaining prior written approval from Council. A Section 138 application may be required for Council to give approval.

Will Council remove my street tree if I ask?

Removal of trees is seen as a last option. Due to the importance of trees, Council will only remove trees in poor health, structure, trees with a high level of risk and or where a tree is causing measurable damage or safety issues to a person or property, and the problem cannot be prevented/abated by the application of industry accepted arboricultural practices, or reasonable redesign.


What happens with my tree maintenance request?

A Council Arborist will inspect the tree(s) and determine what works are required. If it has been determined that works are required, the works will be included on Council’s tree maintenance program. Council’s Arborist will be in contact with you to discuss the outcome of the inspection.

Works will be prioritised based on its level of risk and allocated to a work team, within Council’s available resources. If the work is determined as being of high priority or an emergency, Council will attend to the work as soon as reasonably practicable.



Can I request a new street tree to be planted by Council?

Yes. Please see the section that relates to Tree Planting Requests on Council Land.


Does Council prune trees away from power lines?

No. The contractors engaged by Endeavour Energy prune trees growing near power lines. Council contractors and work teams are not certified to complete this type of work.