Our Vision and Values

Careers Vision and Values image of Casey from the Resource Recovery Centre - Reviva Moss Vale

What everyone at Council has in common is a heart for making a positive difference in our community. Together, we’ve come up with a new vision and value statement for our organisation to better reflect our core values.

Our Vision

Wingecarribee Shire Council staff members talking with community members in front of a heritage sandstone building.

Our Vision Statement

We Strive to make a positive impact in our community!


Our Value

Wingecarribee Shire Council Values Statement 2023

Our Values have been developed by our people. We use them to guide our behaviours and use them strive towards providing the best possible outcomes for the community.

RESPECT - is the foundation of our culture and shapes our Values Statement. Our moral compass which guides us on our roadmap.

They define what behaviours are acceptable, expected, and celebrated. We will use them as our moral compass and guide us in decision-making and help navigate conflict.

They will also instil a sense of pride and create a foundation for our roadmap and cultural growth.

5 Reasons to Join our Team


Top 5 Reasons to Join our Team

1. The satisfaction of making a real difference

Helping out in our community and contributing to making our Shire even better gives meaning to the work we do. It’s rewarding to have the opportunity to innovate and collaborate with our community to bring unique ideas to life.

2. We're a diverse bunch:

 Working alongside people from a range of different places, backgrounds and interests keeps things fresh and sharing our unique perspectives is where the big possibilities come together.

3. Feel part of something big: Knowing your unique contribution has value for big picture place plans, large-scale projects and community initiatives that will have an impact for the long term, is something special.

4. You keep growing: You can get even better at your job with our training and development. We support our staff to grow and further their education.

  1. Safety First: We all work hard to make things happen in our community and our wellbeing and safety comes first.