Loop Line Upgrade Project

Heritage train image

Residents interested in learning more about the Transport Heritage NSW Loop Line Upgrade Project can visit the official project page for the latest information and updates.

Project Highlights:

  • Reinvigorating a Historic Route: The project will see the reactivation of the line between Buxton and Colo Vale, a section that hasn't been operational for over 30 years.
  • Enhanced Heritage Train Experiences: Upgrading the existing section between Picton and Buxton will ensure the safe and efficient operation of heritage trains, allowing for improved connections with the main line.
  • Supporting the NSW Rail Museum: The project aims to enhance the financial sustainability of the NSW Rail Museum by enabling a more diverse and regular offering of heritage train experiences.
  • Promoting Rail History Education: The Loop Line Upgrade Project will strengthen the NSW Rail Museum's ability to educate the community about the rich history of rail transport in New South Wales.
  • Creating Unique Tourism Opportunities: This project will establish a range of unparalleled heritage rail experiences, attracting visitors not only from across Australia but also internationally.

Stay informed and follow the exciting developments of the Loop Line Upgrade Project by visiting the Transport Heritage NSW Loop Line project page!

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