Asset Management Planning


The process of ensuring the sustainable provision and operation of physical infrastructure across the Shire is termed Asset Management.   It is therefore vitally important for a local government authority to practice quality asset management and be striving for continued growth & excellence in this area.

The Office of Local Government recognises this and so has enshrined Asset Management Planning as one of the three focus areas of the Resourcing Strategy

Asset Management Planning can be summarised as follows:

Asset Management Policy & Strategic Asset Management Plan (SAMP)

The Asset Management Policy defines Council’s Asset Management objectives and the Strategic Asset Management Plan (SAMP) shows how Council will achieve these objectives.

The SAMP is to be continually monitored and regularly reviewed, in alignment with the formulation of the Long Term Financial Plan and the Delivery Program & Operational Plans adopted annually by Council.

The latest version of the Asset Management Policy & Strategic Asset Management Plan is available here:

Portfolio Asset Management Plans (AMP)

Portfolio Asset Management Plans (AMP) further explore the high-level summary contained in the SAMP with a detailed analysis of inventory, risk, levels of service and sustainability undertaken. 

We are working on the development of AMPs for our six asset classes of:
  • Buildings
  • Open Spaces
  • Roads
  • Stormwater
  • Water
  • Waste Water

As AMPs are developed and endorsed, they will be made publicly available via this webpage.

An aerial view of these asset classes is available through the map below.  Additional asset type layers will be progressively added to this map:

Asset Class Map

Note: Please note that the condition values listed are demonstrative of the last network inspection but due to a range of factors (adverse weather conditions, unexpected defects, vandalism etc) it may not best reflect current condition.