Hedge in Bowral at rear of Westbrook Crescent

Hedges are located throughout the Wingecarribee Shire Council local government area. Hedges come in many shapes, sizes and varieties and are often referred to as ‘living fences’. Hedges are also habitat for wildlife particularly birds, insects, and mammals.

A hedge is defined as a line of closely spaced trees / shrubs planted and trained to form a green barrier, mark the boundary of an area or provide a wind break. Due to the intended nature of hedges, generally there is more than one party who benefits or endures from hedges. Neighbours are encouraged to discuss maintenance preferences of hedges together before coming to a decision.

Is your hedge less than 6 m in height?

Council recommends you have a discussion with your adjoining neighbour about the maintenance and or removal of the hedge.

Is your hedge greater than 6 m in height?

Consent is required via application to be sent to Council. 

  • If your hedge is dead, dying or poses an imminent risk to human life or substantial property you are required to apply for a Tree Removal Exemption
  • If your hedge is healthy, green and has no issues and you would like to reduce its height or completely remove it than you are required to apply for a Vegetation Clearing Permit
  • If your property is a heritage item and you would like to reduce its height by pruning or removing it altogether than you are required to submit a Development Application.


Does your neighbour have a hedge that is causing you issues or concerns?

Council cannot give you permission to undertake works on your neighbour's hedge without obtaining their written consent.

Council encourages you in the first instance to have a discussion with your neighbour.

If this is not possible than there are options available to you. The Trees (Disputes Between Neighbours) Act 2006 provides a process for resolving disputes between neighbours about trees and hedges. Please note Council is unable to get involved with disputes between neighbours.