Asbestos Management


Asbestos & Renovating

Asbestos products are likely to be found in any Australian home built or renovated before 1987 including brick, weatherboard, fibro and clad homes (cladding may cover original fibro).

Asbestos has been used in more than 3000 products. Asbestos can be found under floor coverings such as carpets, linoleum, and vinyl tiles, behind wall and floor tiles, in cement floors, internal and external walls, ceilings, eaves, garages, around hot water pipes, fences, extensions to homes, outdoor toilets, dog kennels, chook yards, and backyard sheds.

Before drilling or cutting cladding, be sure you know what may be hiding underneath to keep you and your family safe.

A SafeWork NSW licensed asbestos contractor is required for removing 10 square metres or more of bonded asbestos, which is about the size of a bathroom.

If you are thinking about renovating and would like further information about asbestos management, refer to the following links:

Asbestos Disposal

Asbestos may be disposed of at Council's Resource Recovery Centre. For conditions for disposal see Waste Disposal at the RRC.  

For larger quantities call the weighbridge 24 hours before bringing the asbestos into the RRC on 02 4868 0500.

For Asbestos disposal fees and charges, see:

Fees & Charges

How do I Verify That My Material is Not Asbestos?

It is possible to get materials certified as asbestos-free, prior to removal, through an authorised certifier.

Documentary evidence will need to be submitted to the RRC at time of disposal.

To ensure compliance, all loads of building waste must be inspected before disposal.

Any product not complying with the above will be rejected and not be permitted to be disposed of at the RRC.

Transporting Requirements

To make sure that asbestos waste ends up in the right place, new tracking requirements are now in force.

Asbestos transporters and facilities receiving asbestos waste must report the movement of this waste to the EPA. To help industry meet their legal obligations the EPA has developed an easy to use online tool, WasteLocate. If you are involved with the transport or disposal of asbestos waste in NSW, this brochure will help you meet your obligations.

EPA Asbestos tracking

Council’s Asbestos Management Policy

Council's Asbestos Management Policy provides extensive information relating to New South Wales legislation, the development assessment process, and responsibilities for managing, transportation and disposal of asbestos waste. 

View Council's Asbestos Management Policy online or come to Council’s Customer Service counter in the Civic Centre at Moss Vale to view.

Report Unsafe Management of Asbestos

If you are aware of potential asbestos contamination or mishandling please contact Council.