Home Based Food Businesses

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Home based food business is preparation of any food for sale, this includes at the markets, online, in bed and breakfast accommodation and home based catering.  Home food businesses require a Complying Development Certificate.

Approval is based on compliance with AS467 - Design, Construction and Fitout of food Premises and knowledge of Food Safety Standard 3.2.3. It will require detailed plans of the kitchen to be drawn and details of the food preparation you plan to do. 


All food business in Wingecarribee Shire must be registered in Council's food surveillance program and will have an annual food safety inspection.  These inspections are to ensure that food prepared and sold is safe and business are complying with the Food Standards Code.

Food Business Notification Form

Design and Construction

Your kitchen will need to meet certain requirements to make food to sell:

  • Hand Wash Basins - designated basin for hand washing must be located in the food preparation are.  This basin must have a supply of warm potable water, liquid soap and paper towel
  • Storage Facilities - A dedicated storage are, specific for the storage of food and cooking utensils relating to the business must be provided.  This are must be separate from domestic supplies.
  • Surfaces - all surfaces including benches, cupboards, floors, walls and ceiling in the kitchen and associated storerooms must be smooth, impervious and able to be effectively cleaned.
  • Exclusion Measures - the kitchen must exclude insects where practical, there must be screens on all doors and windows with no crack or crevices, gaps or inaccessible spaces.  Pets are not permitted in any food preparation or storage area.


All packaged food must have a label affixed with -

  1. Manufacturer address details
  2. List of ingredients
  3. Details of shelf life ('use by' or 'best before')
  4. Any other requirements of the food standard code