farmer feeding sheep


Keeping sheep in the Wingecarribee Shire is an attractive idea given the rural lifestyle and environment. They may even be seen as a cheap lawn mowing option. 

Keeping a sheep in an urban area however should be considered very carefully by residents.

Keeping Sheep in Urban Areas

Keeping animals in urban areas requires consideration by the owners of the impact of animals, particularly noise and odour, on their neighbours.

Whilst there are no specific regulations or standards that relate to the keeping of sheep in urban areas, residents should keep sheep in a manner which does not:

  • Create unclean or unhealthy conditions for people or the animals
  • Attract or provide a harbourage for vermin
  • Create offensive noise or odours
  • Cause a drainage or dust nuisance
  • Create waste disposal or pollution problems
  • Create an unreasonable annoyance to neighbouring residents
  • Cause nuisance due to proliferation of flies, lice, fleas or other pests and parasites 

Council will investigate complaints about noise, potential health issues, and other problems. A Local Government Order may be issued where sheep are being kept inappropriately.