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Message to our Customers DA Tracker update

You can access the progress of Development Applications (DAs) and related applications, including S4.55 Modification Development Applications (DA MODs), Complying Development Applications (CDCs) and Section 8.2 Review Development Applications via Councils DA Tracker. Please click the below DA Tracker button to search for more information on a DA.

DA Tracker

Information you can access via the DA Tracker:

  • The current status of a DA, information and publicly available documents
  • Amended public documents submitted during the assessment
  • The Notice of Determination (NOD) 

How to access information on a DA

To access information relating to a DA.

  • Go to the DA Tracker
  • Click Application Search to launch the search page
  • Enter the DA number or the address and click the Search button
  • Select the relevant application to and click on the Application ID or Address link to access the summary information.
  • Scroll down to access the related public documents that are related to the DA / MOD or Review

What information is available on the DA Tracker?

  • Description of proposal
  • Name of applicant
  • Name of Council's Assessment Officer
  • A selection of publicly available electronic documents
  • Current status of application including tasks that have been completed
  • Notice of Determination (NOD) - the decision/determination of the application 

I recieved a Neighbour Notification, how do I make a submission?

If you have received a Neighbour Notification letter in relation to a current Development Application (DA) you may choose to make a submission in relation to the proposed development. Please see below for how you can make a submission. 

How to make a submission

During the notification period you are able to make a submission (either in support or by way of objection) by email to, or in writing. Submissions must also be addressed to the General Manager, Wingecarribee Shire Council. 


Submissions will be acknowledged by email or letter by post. 


The supply of personal contact information in a submission is voluntary pursuant to the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998. By including your contact information in a submission you are acknowledging that it will be made available for public view at Council offices and through the Council website. 

Disclosure requirements

If you have given a gift or made a donation to a Councillor, an employee or an approved contractor of Council within the past two (2) years, by law you must include a disclosure statement with your submission. 

Assessment and Decisions

When considering a DA the assessment officer will have regard to:

  • Statutory requirements under the Act;
  • Adopted policies of Council; and
  • Issues raised in written submissions.

Some applications are determined under delegated authority of Council whilst others are determined by the Wingecarribee Local Planning Panel (LPP) or the Southern Regional Planning Panel.

If the application is to be referred to the LPP for determination you will not be notified in writing. Instead, you are required to check the website

When a final determination is made all people who made a submission are informed of the outcome. The Assessment Report and Notice of Determination are made available on the DA Tracker.



PLEASE NOTE: We are currently migrating Post March 2021 DAs into the DA Tracker, If your search does not include publicly available documentation i.e. consent please create a service request and we will arrange to have this information updated on the DA Tracker.