On-Site Sewage Management


At least 5000 On-Site Sewage Management ('OSSM') systems exist across the Shire. 

These are systems that process household waste-water and dispose of the treated effluent at the property. 

On-Site Sewage Management Systems

There are two main types of On-Site Sewage Management systems:

Septic Tanks

A septic tank is a water-proof tank usually located in-ground and provides treatment of sewage by anaerobic (in the absence of air) bacterial digestion of the solids. The solids primarily accumulate at the bottom of the tank, while the partly treated liquid flows from the septic tank to a soil absorption system.


Aerated Wastewater Treatment Systems ('AWTS')

These systems use aeration of waste-water as an integral part of the treatment process. An AWTS differs from the septic tank in that the effluent is further treated (secondary treatment) through an aerobic biological process and disinfection, with the effluent finally being applied to land, typically through irrigation.



Approval to Install

If you wish to install a new on-site sewage management system on your property you are required to gain approval from Council. You must submit an Local Government Approval - Section 68 to install and operate a new on-site sewage management system, together with all of the required information and application fee.

How do I apply to Install an On-site Sewage Management System?

An Installation of a On-site Sewage Management System application must be made via the NSW Planning Portal.

NSW Planning Portal



Approval to Operate

It is now a New South Wales legislated requirement that all On-Site Sewage Management System's have an 'Approval to Operate' licence regardless of the type or age of the system. This means that every property owner with an on-site sewage management system must ensure that they have a current Approval to Operate licence. The property owner must apply to Council to obtain and renew their licence. Following a satisfactory inspection by Council, the on-site sewage management system is granted an 'Approval to Operate' licence for a period of two, three or five years.   

How do I apply for Approval to Operate for an On-Site Sewage Management System?

Once you have installed your On-site Sewage Management System you will need to apply for Approval to operate.

Use the below application for a new or existing on-site sewage management system.

Application to Operate a System of Sewage Management



Request to Update Operator Details on a current 'Approval to Operate' licence for a system of sewage management

If there is an existing Approval to Operate, you may apply to transfer that approval into your name, e.g. purchase of a new property with existing Approval to Operate. Click the below to apply. 


How do I check if my property has an exisiting Approcal to Operate a On-site Sewage Mangement System?

If you woild like to check if an Approval to Operate exists for your property, please contact;

Environmental Health Officer (OSSM)  

Completion of Works Installation Certificate

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