Plans of Management

A Plan of Management (PoM) is a public document that sets out how community land is to be used, improved, managed and maintained.

A Plan of Management is developed by Council as a requirement of the The Local Government Act, 1993 as amended and the Local Government (General) Regulation, 2005. The Act requires Council owned land to be classified as either ‘Community’ or ‘Operational’ land. Community land is further required to be categorised as Park, Sports Ground, General Community Use, Culturally Significant or Natural Area (including the sub-categories of Bushland, Wetland, Watercourse, Escarpment and Foreshore).

The use and management of the land is largely prescribed by the Core Objectives of each category, other related Council Policy (such as Local Environment Plan, Community Strategic Plan etc) and any other statute governing the use of the land (such as Environmental Planning & Assessment Act, 1979; Heritage Act, 1977, Disability Discrimination Act, 2014; etc) 

In the case of Wingecarribee Shire Council, many of the parcels of land are bordered or share similar values to NSW Crown Land under Councils Care Control and Management. These include, for example; Natural Reserves, Sports Grounds, Rest Areas, Cemeteries and Buildings.

In this instance, the Crown Land will be managed in accordance with the Principles of Crown Lands Management and the lands Gazetted Public Purpose.