Application for Water Services

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Council supplies and maintains one service connection per property. Additional service connections are only permitted in accordance with our Provision of Water & Sewer Services policies.

Council is responsible for the installation, alteration and maintenance of all water services connected directly to water mains. Council owns and maintains up to and including the water meter. 

Fees & Charges

The below fees are in accordance with Council’s adopted Fees & Charges Policy. All relevant fees must be paid prior to works commencing. Where a quotation fee applies, works will not commence until the costed fees have been paid.

Water & Sewer Availability Discount

Council offers a subsidy/discounted rate to eligible Water & Sewer Account Holders whose property is within the Benefit Area and is paying a Water Availability Charge. Eligibility conditions apply. Further evidence may also be required to assess eligibility for this discount.

Applications for amalgamated/consolidated lots, developments or subdivisions will be at full cost with no subsidy available. 

Type of Service

Standard Water Service Connection (20mm):

Water Meter Only

Service Connection & Meter

No Road Crossing
Water main is located on the same side of road as Lot to be serviced

Road Crossing:
Water main is located on opposite side of road as Lot to be serviced

Water Service Connection (20mm) for Subdivision or Development (No Water Meter Supplied)

No Road Crossing:
Water main is located on the same side of road as Lot to be serviced.

Road Crossing:
Water main is located on opposite side of road as Lot to be serviced.

Disconnect Water Supply (20mm)

Quotation Fee applies to the following services:

Note: this fee will be included in the total cost of the works

  • Water services requiring road crossing
  • Alter or existing water supply
  • Connections greater than 20mm
  • Fire service connections
  • Water main extensions
  • Works on a distribution/trunk main
  • Water Main Cut-In
  • Water main disinfection
  • Pressure testing

Submission Requirements & Conditions

1. All relevant sections of the application form must be complete, including legal description of land and consent from all registered owners.

2. All relevant supporting documentation must be included for the application to be considered; including forms, approved site plans/ drawings and pressure testing documentation (if required).

3. A Water Service Location Marker must be prominently displayed on the property, approximately 500mm inside the front boundary at the point where the service is preferred. This can be supplied by Customer Service and must state “WATER LOCATION” and the Lot Number. Works will not commence until a location marker is in place.

4. All applicable fees must be paid by contacting Customer Service on 02 4868 0888 or by visiting Civic Centre, 68 Elizabeth Street Moss Vale NSW 2577. Works will not be scheduled until all relevant fees are paid.

5. To ensure Council’s water quality and levels of service are maintained; any mains extensions, service connections or alterations will be supplied at Council’s discretion.

6. Only one water service and meter is permitted for each property. Where there is an existing water service with no meter the water meter will be installed on that service.

7. Once a meter is installed on the property, owner/s will commence being charged water consumption in accordance with Council’s adopted Fees & Charges Policy.

8. Upon installation of a new water service and/or meter connection, a meter protection cover is provided. Replacements for damaged or stolen meter covers, is the responsibility of the Property Owner/s.

9. Property owners are responsible for ensuring the water service and meter is accessible and that internal plumbing after the meter is in good condition. The property owner is responsible for any damage to the meter resulting from frost or other causes and therefore must keep the meter protected from frost and other damage. 

10. Council does not carry out work on private property. It is the responsibility of the property owner to engage a licensed plumber to carry out any work required after the water meter to the building. 

11. Works on all pipes and fittings to be connected to Council’s water supply system must be strictly in accordance with Section 68 of the Local Government Act 1993, AS/NZ 3500.1 Water Services, The Plumbing Code of Australia and to Council’s Backflow Prevention Policy and requirements.  

12. Only Council, or approved Council engaged contractors, are permitted to connect, construct, alter, tamper or maintain Council's water supply assets, including water meters.  

13. Where there is evidence of tampering or modification to a water connection which results in damage or affects the standard operation of the connection; regulatory action and/or costs may be applied to the property owner.  

14. A person who is not a licensed plumber shall not fit, alter or interfere with the private water pipes and fittings used on any premises in connection with the supply of water by Council.  

15. Water connections to larger water mains, (e.g., distribution mains or trunk mains) is not Council’s preference and may be provided at Council’s discretion only.  

16. Water services connections or water main extensions for amalgamated lots, developments/subdivisions will be charged at full cost. Discounts may be available to properties that are within the Benefit Area and are paying an Availability Charge, in accordance with Council’s Provision of Water & Sewer Service Policy & Procedure. 


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