Application for Sewer Services


Council supplies and maintains one service connection per property. Additional service connections are only permitted in accordance with our Provision of Water & Sewer Services policies.

Council is responsible for the installation, alteration and maintenance of all sewer service lines connected directly to the sewer mains. 

Fees & Charges

The below fees are in accordance with Council’s adopted Fees & Charges Policy. All relevant fees must be paid prior to works commencing. Where a quotation fee applies, works will not commence until the costed fees have been paid.

Water & Sewer Availability Discount

Council offers a subsidy/discounted rate to eligible Water & Sewer Account Holders whose property is within the Benefit Area and is paying a Sewer Availability Charge. Eligibility conditions apply. Further evidence may also be requested to assess eligibility for this discount.

Applications for amalgamated/consolidated lots, developments or subdivisions will be at full cost with no subsidy available.

Refer to Council’s Provision of Water & Sewer Service Policy & Procedure for further information.

Type of Service
Standard Sewer Connection:

Sewer Junction Only

Sewer main is located inside the property boundary to be serviced

Junction & Sideline

Sewer main is located outside the property boundary to be serviced

Pressure Sewer System

A sewer connection via a pressure pump system for properties that cannot connect to the sewer main via gravity.

CCTV Inspection - Standard Inspection

Less than 40 lineal metres

CCTV Inspection - Non-Standard Inspection

Greater than 40 lineal metres

Manhole Lids (each)

Quotation Fee applies to the following services:

Note: this fee will be included in the total cost of the works

  • Sewer connections requiring sideline,
  • Pressure sewer system connection,
  • Sewer service disconnection,
  • Alter an existing sewer connection,
  • Sewer main extensions,
  • Works on a trunk or large sewer main
  • CCTV Inspections (non-standard, >40 lineal metres).

Submission Requirements & Conditions

1. All relevant sections of the application form must be complete, including legal description of land and consent from all registered owners.

2. All relevant supporting documentation must be included for the application to be considered; including forms, connection location plans.

3. A Sewer Service Location Marker must be prominently displayed on the property inside the boundary at the point where the service is preferred. The location marker must state “SEWER” and the Lot Number. Works will not commence until a location marker is in place.

4. All applicable fees must be paid by contacting Customer Service on 02 4868 0888 or by visiting Civic Centre, 68 Elizabeth Street Moss Vale NSW 2577. Works will not be scheduled until all relevant fees are paid.

5. To ensure Council’s levels of service are maintained; any mains extensions, service connections or alterations will be supplied at Council’s discretion.

6. Where there is an existing sewer connection on a property, any alterations or additional connections will be at 100% of cost to the applicant.

7. Property owners are responsible for ensuring the sewer service and associated assets (e.g. boundary shafts, manholes, vents etc.) located within their property is accessible and that internal plumbing is in good condition.

8. Council does not carry out work on private property assets. Council are responsible for the sewer junction and/or sideline connection only. It is the responsibility of the property owner to engage a licensed plumber to carry out any work required after this point.

9. Works executed on all sanitary drainage pipes and fittings to be connected to Council’s sewerage system must be strictly in accordance with Section 68 of the Local Government Act 1993, The Plumbing Code of Australia, AS/NZ 3500.2 Sanitary Plumbing & Drainage and to Council’s requirements. 

10. Only Council, or approved Council engaged contractors, are permitted to connect, construct, alter or maintain Councils sewer assets, including manholes.

11. Only a licensed plumber is authorised to fit, alter or conduct work on private sanitary drainage pipes and fittings used on any premises that is connected to Council’s sewerage system. 

12. Sewer connections to trunk sewer mains, or mains larger than 150mm diameter is not Council’s preference and may be provided at Council’s discretion only.

13. Sewer service connections and/or sewer main extensions for amalgamated Lots, developments/subdivisions will be charged at full cost. Discounts may be available to properties that are within the Benefit Area and are paying an Availability Charge, in accordance with Council’s Provision of Water & Sewer Service Policy & Procedure.

Requirements for Pressured Sewer Systems (PSS)

1. Both privately-owned and Council managed pressure sewer schemes are in place in the Wingecarribee Shire. Please review the following conditions and requirements prior to completing the application to install a Pressure Sewer System (PSS). Refer to Council’s website to determine which scheme applies to the subject property.

2. Pressure Sewer System Application - Conditions & Requirements (applies to both schemes)

3. Council’s preferred application for sewer connections is via conventional gravity sewer systems. The applicant must provide justification for use of pressure sewer technology. Refer to Council’s Pressure Sewer System Policy for applicable criteria to permit the use of pressure sewer technology.

4. Council is responsible for the acquisition and supply of the components of the pressure sewer system, at full cost to the applicant. 

5. The applicant is responsible for the installation of the pressure sewer system by an accredited installer, including any applicable transfer pressure reticulation up to the approved Council connection point. 

6. Prior to commencement of work, a Section 68 Certificate must be obtained from Council. If work is to be carried out within the road reserve, a Section 138 Certificate is required.

7. Following full payment of this application, the pressure sewer system will be ordered, however can take up to 6 weeks to arrive from the manufacturer. The applicant will be notified of the system and can schedule to collect the system from the Water & Sewer Depot by contacting Council’s Water & Sewer Branch on (02) 4868 0888.

8. The pressure sewer system Pod can be installed wherever is convenient on the property. The control panel needs to be maximum 15m from Pod for allocated cable length reasons. Council will discuss the sewerage requirements of the property and the installation location with the property owner/s and/or the installer, if required.

9. The property owner/s is required to meet all costs and health requirements associated with the decommissioning of their existing on-site system, if applicable.

10. The property owner/s or installer shall contact Council a minimum of 48 hours prior to the system being commissioned, so that a Council representative can be in attendance to inspect the system.

Conditions & Requirements - Council Managed Pressure Sewer System Scheme

11. If the system is installed within a Council Managed PSS Scheme Area, Council will own and be responsible for the   commissioning, inspections, maintenance and renewal the pressure sewer infrastructure, including on-property pump unit, control unit, discharge line and boundary kit.

12. Property owner/s are responsible for the operation of the on-property PSS in terms of monitoring the operation of the pump unit, meeting the electricity costs and reporting any alarms to Council for investigation.

13. The pressure sewer system must be installed in a location accessible to Council staff for any maintenance requirements.

Conditions & Requirements - Privately Managed Pressure Sewer System

14. If the system is not within a Council Managed PSS Scheme Area, it is considered a Privately Managed PSS and the property owner/s will own and be responsible for the maintenance and renewal of the associated pressure sewer infrastructure. The infrastructure will include pressure sewer lateral, and the on-property pump unit, control unit, discharge line and boundary kit. The pressure reticulation, if any, will remain the ownership of Council.

15. Property owner/s are responsible for the operation of the on-property PSS in terms of monitoring the operation of the pump unit, meeting the electricity costs and reporting alarms to accredited contractor for investigation. 




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