Water Filling Stations

Welby Filling Station photo with both outlets October 2023
 The use of standpipes to draw water supply from water hydrants is NOT permitted within Wingecarribee Shire.

Water may be drawn from the multiple water filling station locations around the region. 

Water Carters must be registered.

With the exception of emergency services and Council Officers, the drawing of water supply through a hydrant standpipe is considered theft and penalties apply.

To report the illegal use of water hydrant standpipes, please contact us immediately on (02) 4868 0888.

Who can access our drinking water filling stations?

Water can be drawn from our water filling stations for many uses, however additional information or requirements may be applicable depending on the proposed purpose for drawing water: 

Personal Consumption (private use) or Construction (dust suppression):
If the intended use is for private consumption or construction purposes, registration is not required. Water can be purchased via credit card at one of our 8 sites at any time. Users can also choose to register and be issued an account card if this is the preferred payment option (register here).  

Supply of Drinking Water (Water Carters):
If you intend to draw water for the purpose of selling drinking water (e.g. as a water carter), you must register with us to ensure regulatory compliance obligations are met for the supply of drinking water. An account card will be issued to you upon account set up. Additional account cards can be issued (fee applies). Alternatively, you can pay using a credit/debit card to purchase water supply, if preferred, however the application is still required.

Payment Options

There are two ways to purchase water from our water filling stations:

Credit Card/Debit Card

Pay-as-you-go using Visa, Mastercard credit or debit card.

Please note, no transaction receipts are issued at water filling station sites. Please refer your financial institution for transactional statements.

Both registered and unregistered users can pay for water via credit/debit card.

Account Cards

All registered users will be issued an account card to purchase water. If required, users can be issued with multiple account cards with a fee payable for each additional card, including for replacement cards. 

Your pre-paid balance will be held in our secured portal and not associated with the account card. In the event of a lost, damaged or faulty card, the balance will still be available on your account. 

We will give you a receipt when you top up the balance on the account card. Account card related transaction statements can be issued on request.

To top up your account balance, call (02) 4868 0888 or in person at the Civic Centre, 68 Elizabeth Street Moss Vale during business hours.

The below water filling stations are currently operational:
 Aylmerton water filling station    Operational      
 Bowral water filling station  Operational  
 Hill Top water filling station  Operational  
 Moss Vale-Abattoir Rd water filling station     Operational  
 Moss Vale-Oldbury Rd water filling station  Operational  
 Robertson water filling station  Currently Out Of Service *  
 Sutton Forest water filling station Operational  
 Welby water filling station  Intermittent Service*   

*Due to ongoing Telstra issues

Find a water filling station

We have 8 water filling access points around the region to draw water supply from. 

To locate a water filling station, click on your desired location from the list below with a smartphone to open directions in Google Maps.

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Water filling station user guide


Current (green) water filling station.

  1. Connect your filling hose
    • Ensure your filling hose is connected and secure at both ends
    • Ensure the outlet valve on the filling station remains closed
  2. Authorise your card payment


    • Select a $ value using the UP (+) and DOWN (-) buttons (minimum charge $1).
    • Press ENTER to confirm the selected value.
    • Present your card to the payment terminal using PayWave.
    • Screen will display “Pre-authorisation Approved”. Your card will be pre-authorised for the value you have selected.
    • You will now be able to access water and proceed to step 3.
  3. Fill your tank
  • Press ENTER
  • Slowly open the outlet valve on the filling station
  • Fill your tank to the level you require
  • Close the outlet valve
  • Press FINISH. Your card will now be charged for the value of water you have taken.
  • Disconnect your hose
Frequently asked questions

Why do we prohibit the use of hydrant standpipes in the region?

1. To prevent disruption of water supply and loss of pressure in the network.
2. To minimise the risk of dirty water complaints and/or possible cross contamination.
3. To prevent our assets from being damaged resulting in costly repairs and water wastage.
4. There is significant cost to ensure the water supply is safe to drink and meets the high standard we deliver. Drawing water from a hydrant standpipe is considered theft because it is not measured consumption.
5. To prevent water wastage issues caused by the inappropriate use of standpipes in the water supply network.


Why did I get an error when trying to authorise the card payment?

If your pre-authorisation is declined, it may be because there are insufficient funds available on your card. Try again with a lower value.

If your credit card continues to be declined, please contact your card issuer.

If you are using a Council issued Account Card, please contact us on (02) 4868 0888 for assistance.

What hose fitting can be used at our WFS?

A hose with a 65mm STORZ fitting (fire brigade fitting equivalent).

Hose Fitting  

Image of a Storz 65 mm fitting

How do I access the new water filling stations?

Drinking water carters are required to register with us as a drinking water carter.

Users who wish to pay for water using an account card can choose to register to access this payment method.

All users can pay via credit/debit card to access water supply.

Who needs to register?

A water filling station application is required for:

  • The resale of drinking water from water carting,
  • Food preparation and consumption (food businesses).  

The following users are not required to register:

  • Private users (personal consumption)
  • Construction activities (dust suppression, roadworks, irrigation, landscaping)

Please Note: Water supplied cannot be sold, distributed or transferred for use to a third party.

Requirements for Supply of Drinking Water (Water Carter)

In accordance with the Public Health Act 2010, the Public Health Regulation 2012, the Food Act 2003 and the Local Government Act 1993, drinking water carters are required to:

  • Develop and register a Quality Assurance Program (QAP) with the local Public Health Unit.
  • Submit a Food Business Notification to Council

Water carters should refer to the NSW Health website for information on their obligations to cart drinking water and for information and templates for developing a Quality Assurance Program. The QAP must comply with the requirements stated in the NSW Guidelines for Water Carters and the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.

What are the benefits of being a registered user?

  • Account card/s issued to purchase water supply. Additional cards can be issued on request (fees apply).
  • Transaction receipt issued by Council when topping up account balance.
  • Account balance is stored on centralised system associated to the account and not linked to the card. Users can have multiple cards with the balance accessible on all registered cards.
  • Users receive updates on maintenance or outages that affect water filling stations.
  • Credit/debit card can be used to purchase drinking water supply (no receipt issued).


Water filling station application form

To register complete and submit an application form.

A member from our Customer Experience team will be in contact with you shortly after submitting your application to establish your account and finalise application fees.

An account card will be issued to you upon account set up. Additional account cards can be issued (fee applies).