Learning resources and guidelines

Kerbside Collection bin resources

Yellow Recycling Bin

Recycling can be confusing. To reduce the confusion, you can use these resources:


Accepted and not accepted items in the yellow WSC Bin




Red Landfill Bin

Minimising the waste that ends up in your red bin is more than ever important. Here are some resources to assist with correct use of the red bin and ways you could reduce waste coming from your household

Remember, overfilling your bin is not okay! Ensure bin lids can close properly before collection for a cleaner and organised community.



Green Organics Bin

The green organics bin is provided for residents to use for organic items such as garden waste and naturally derived products. Resources that may assist for the green organics bin can be found here;

  • A to Z Waste guide for specific item inquires


What happens to my waste? View our new video series

Composting & Worm Farming

Composting and worm farming is a great way to reduce food waste and waste sent to landfill. Wingecarribee Shire Council provide discounted subsidies for residents through Compost Revolution. For more specific information, have a look at the drop down options below for composting resources. 


Over 50% of waste generated at home is food or organic waste.

Composting provides a simple solution to reduce organic waste going to landfill, whilst also returning vital nutrients to the soil and improving soil structure and moisture content.

Check out our home compost flyer for a guide on how to start your composting journey.

Home compost flyer(PDF, 8MB)

Worm Farming

Worm farming is an easy way to transform food scraps into high quality compost, reducing food waste sent to landfill and reducing associated greenhouse gases.

Check out our worm farming flyer for a guide on how to start your worm farming journey.

Worm Farming Flyer(PDF, 5MB) 

Compost Revolution

Cut your rubbish in half and reduce your carbon footprint by recycling your food scraps and making your own soil and fertiliser at home.

Get 50 % off a compost bin, worm farm or bokashi bin, plus FREE delivery from Wingecarribee Shire Council by joining the Compost Revolution. Head to the Compost Revolution website for more information.