Outdoor Dining Application

Use this form to apply for an operational licence to allow outdoor dining outside a business premise. 

Applicants should refer to Council’s Development Control Plans (DCP) (for the location of the business) for Retail Goods on Footpath displays to ascertain the design requirements and standards for advertising structures.

Note 1: Council accepts no liability for interruption to outdoor dining operations during period of construction, repair or other work carried out by Council, its employees and contractors. Council will not consider reimbursement of part or all of Licence Fee for any period of interruption to outdoor dining activities during such periods.

Note 2: Bowral Town DCP does not permit the display of sandwich board sign structures on public or private land.

What to provide with your application

  1. The Application Fee.
  2. A plan (1:100min. Scale) showing the precise location of the proposed articles(s)/retail goods on footpath in relation to the business premises, street furniture and the dimension of the area maintained for public access.
  3. Your diagram should show the outdoor area to be used (boundaries, dimensions etc), the number of chairs and tables, number of goods or structures, (including all temporary elements e.g.: bollards, planters, fencing), style and finish of furniture or display structures (photographs help), and location in relation to existing sandwich boards, street furniture etc.
  4. The applicant must maintain a Public Liability Insurance Policy for a minimum of twenty million dollars ($20,000,000.00) with the interests of Wingecarribee Shire Council noted on the policy against accident, injury or damage resulting from or incidental to the conduct of the applicant’s activity on Council’s land and the subject of this application.  Proof of this insurance (Certificate of Currency) must be provided to Council with the lodgement of this application and annually if approved.
  5. Details of trading hours.


Complete the application details

Complete the required details in the online application form.