Development Enquiry

Use this form for General Town Planning Enquiry or a Dwelling Entitlement search. 

A Dwelling Entitlement refers to the potential for Council to approve a dwelling on a certain property. 

If the property covers more than one lot, the search will only determine if all the lots combined have a dwelling entitlement. To determine the dwelling entitlement of each individual lot, an application is required per lot.

Please note that dwelling entitlement advice does not constitute development approval being granted. If the land has a dwelling entitlement, you will still need to apply for development consent by lodging a Development Application.

A General Town Planning Enquiry refers to documented town planning advice of a generalist nature regarding a specific development proposal. 

As part of this application you may be required to submit:

  • A Site Plan
  • A detailed description of the proposed development and likely impacts
  • Other information as requested


Step 1.Complete the application details

Complete the required details in the online application form.  

Step 2.Pay the fee

A fee is payable with this application. Customer Services will contact you over the phone to obtain payment by credit card. A 1% surcharge will apply. 

Step 3.Processing time

Processing time will depend on the development.