Application to Operate a System of Sewage Management

This form is required to apply for an Approval to Operate an existing System of Sewage Management (C6) under Section 68 of the Local Government Act 1993. The form includes details regarding  the existing system of on-site sewage management & servicing details along with information on how to complete a site plan that depicts the location of the system.

Submission Requirements

All relevant sections of the application form must be complete, including legal description of land and consent and signature of all registered owners.

A Council Fee Quote Estimate can be provided by contacting Customer Service via or phoning 02 4868 0888. Fees must be paid upon lodgement of the application.

Site Plan

A site plan is to be provided that depicts the location of the existing on-site sewage system including septic tank/treatment tank and effluent disposal/absorption areas, with distance to property boundaries and buildings. 

Below is an example of a site plan.

C6 annexure site plan

Service Details

If your system requires quarterly servicing (Aerated Wastewater Treatment Systems only), you must attach a copy of the last service report from your service agent contractor. 

Further Information

Further information in regards to the type of information required to be submitted with your application can be obtained by contacting Environmental Health Officer (OSSM).

Also refer to 

On-Site Sewage Management



Step 1.Complete the application details

Complete the required details in the below online application form. 

Step 2.Pay the fee

A fee is payable with this application. Customer Services will contact you over the phone to obtain payment by credit card. A 1% surcharge will apply. 

Step 3.Assessment

Your application will be assessed by Council staff, including an inspection of the existing on-site sewage management system. 

Step 4.Processing time

The length of processing time will be dependent on the type of development and approval required. 

Application to Operate a System of Sewage Management