Mansfield Reserve

Bushwalking at Mansfield Reserve
A koala sanctuary

Mansfield Reserve is a koala sanctuary and contains the headwaters of Mittagong Creek, which flows through Bowral to the confluence with Wingecarribee River

This beautiful reserve contains Southern Highlands Shale Forest and Woodland, powerful owls and other forest owls, and scenic bushwalks on mown trails.

It is an important location for passive recreation and an active Bushcare site.

Walking trails
Mansfield Reserve walking trails map.
Walking trails map of Mansfield Reserve.

The Reserve entrance is at the end of Mansfield Road on the edge of the East Bowral residential development approximately 6 km from Bowral town centre.

It can be reached via Horderns Road which joins Kangaloon Road at the Bong Bong Picnic Racecourse.

There is a visitors' car park and picnic area just past the main entrance to the reserve.

There is a map of the 1.9 km walking tracks at the car park. Both trails are graded as easy.

A return basic track to the high point of the Reserve is indicated from the Wallaby track.

The tracks' names (Wombat Track and Wallaby Track) are taken from the reserve's inhabitants, which you may encounter while walking in the reserve, as both animals are sighted regularly.

Topography and flora and fauna
Mother and baby koala, living on Gundungurra land.
Koalas are occasionally sighted at Mansfield Reserve.

The reserve covers 35 ha (80 acres) and is a combination of wooded areas and open grassland.

The majority of the reserve is gently undulating rising up to 800 m on the north eastern boundary.

The Mittagong Creek rises outside the boundary at Milton Park and flows through the fallen trees and ferny gullies of the reserve before crossing the Cherry Tree/Retford park boundary.

This almost permanent water source combined with rich basalt soil provides an ideal environment to the many plant and animal species that inhabit the reserve.

The large hollows in the mature eucalypts offer nesting and shelter sites for birds, possums, bats and gliders.

While meandering through the old growth and recently planted eucalyptus you will get an opportunity to see some of the areas vibrant bird life. King parrots, rosellas, galahs, bowerbirds and owls call Mansfield Reserve home. Yellow tailed black cockatoos pass through from time to time and occasionally a wedge tailed eagle is seen.

Walkers will see stands of young trees (planted by local Bushcare teams) and plenty of evidence of natural regeneration as well as magnificent mature trees.

There are many species of eucalyptus including mountain grey gums, ribbon gums, cabbage gums, brown barrel, narrow leafed peppermint, and silvertop ash, as well as blackwood and southern sassafrass.

Shrubs include astral mulberry, bursaria, indigo, stinkwood, satinwood, mock olive, lomandra, austral, and coachwood. Ferns, lilies, orchids native grasses, and herbs make up the groundcover.

Koalas at Mansfield Reserve

Koalas are notoriously hard to find because they are so good at camouflaging into the tree canopy.

Research shows that almost all bushland in the Wingecarribee Shire is koala habitat and Mansfield Reserve has a number of reported sightings.

If you do see a koala, make sure you report it to the Southern Highlands Koala Conservation Project to help us protect these wonderful animals

History of Mansfield Reserve

Mansfield Reserve was once part of the Retford Park Estate, which belonged to the Hordern Family who owned the neighbouring property. The land was given to the community by the late Peter Baillieu in 1993 through community determination the reserve was formally incorporated by the Wingecarribee Shire Council.


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