Weddings and Formal Events Application

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Hire a park or garden for your wedding or ceremony

Many of the Shire's parks and gardens are popular locations for weddings and ceremonies to take place.

All gardens, parks and reserves are available for ceremonies, except Corbett Gardens in Bowral during dedicated events and garden maintenance.

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How much does it cost?

Free of charge.

How can I apply?

Read the Terms and Conditions(PDF, 248KB), complete the online booking request form and risk checklist on this page.

Your booking for non-exclusive use will be confirmed once you receive an approval letter from Council.

How long will the booking process take?

Once your application has been submitted you should receive an approval letter within ten (10) working days.

If there is another booking which conflicts with your ceremony, we will contact you to discuss.

Celebratory materials

For environmental purposes candles, confetti and other synthetic materials are not permitted to be released, thrown, or used as part of your ceremony. Please use bubbles or fresh rose petals in place of these items.

Things to consider

1. Your booking will confirm that there will be no other booking for the nominated time and location. However, an approval does not guarantee exclusive use of the area and/or its facilities. There may be members of the public using the facility.

2. Council maintains its parks and gardens on a routine maintenance program. Special mowing or additional servicing of the area is not provided. Council is also unable to control tree debris or damage resulting from weather conditions or irresponsible people that have damaged property.

3. Do you have appropriate access to the park for elderly or less mobile guests?

4. Car-parking. Are your guests aware that the park you are using may have restricted car parking available?

5. Do you have a wet weather alternative? Corbett Gardens and Leighton Gardens have garden gazebos, however, your guests may still be exposed to the elements which may result in your ceremony needing a backup venue.

6. If you choose a location in a Bush Fire Prone Zone, please have a Plan B and monitor weather conditions.