Photo Voice: Renewal and Resilience Photography Exhibition

Photo Voice is an incredible photo essay that captures the resiliency and renewal of the Southern Highlands post-fires.

"Today I picked up a copy of the Photo Voice Book from Wingello Shop and after flicking through the pages I was awash with a million different emotions – the sadness and heartache but also that sense of pride in seeing and remembering all the brave, good people who appear in our darkest moments. The book dredges up a lot of memories and sadness but it is also a visual reminder of the courage, kindness and resilience that is inside all of us." Wingello Resident

For the further information about purchasing Photo Voice, please visit The Southern Highlands Foundation. All proceeds from the essay will go to impacted families. 

Below are a few excerpts and images from this amazing essay.


Rod Walsh

My neighbour protecting his shed as the fire sweeps through.

My neighbour and I had discussions leading up to January 4 2020 and we decided to stay and defend our properties. My partner and children were safely staying with relatives.

As predicted, the southerly came in that day and the thick smoke soon followed. We could hear the roar coming from the south as the fire got closer, it was happening!

The sky began to glow an orange~reddish color and within minutes fire literally started raining down  and spot fires were everywhere. For hours we worked wetting vulnerable areas down and keeping a keen lookout… luckily we suffered no damage.


Bodhi Todd - Fly By

Living in Colo Vale over the black summer was a very nerve-racking experience for my family and I.

I remember checking the Fires Near Me app constantly watching the Green Wattle Creek Fire spread closer and closer to the northern villages.

I remember packing my car full of my things, just in case we had to get out in a hurry. There were days when we evacuated and spent the day in town. Being a photography student I decided to document my experience of living in a smoke-filled town. 

Looking back on the images now, brings the experience back to life. I am very thankful to all the firefighters and volunteers that put their lives on the line every day over summer.