Individual Tree Removal

Giant fallen tree's exposed roots after storm Kangaloon road Kangaloon, with WSC tree team member
Do you need a vegetation clearing permit from Council?

This page provides you with information on submitting an application to Council (where Council is the approval agency) to remove one or more individual trees which may require approval on your property.

This information is accurate at the time of publishing, however is subject to change as further information becomes available on the processes and responsibilities under the NSW Biodiversity Law Reforms.

Have you checked?

Before using the questionnaire and relying on the information on this page, you must confirm that Council is the agency who will handle your permit application.

If you have not confirmed this yet, check the information on our Tree and Vegetation Clearing on Private Land page to find out whether you can apply to Council for a permit. 

Once you have confirmed Council is the approval agency, answer the questionnaire to determine:

  • If you can apply for a Vegetation Clearing Permit under the new NSW Government Legislation; or
  • If your proposed tree / vegetation removal is Exempt from a Permit; or
  • If you need to contact Council for more guidance.

If you are only proposing to undertake pruning, please see our tree pruning page to check if you need a permit – otherwise, complete the following quick seven question questionnaire.

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