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Section 355 Management Committees

Under Section 355 of the Local Government Act, Wingecarribee Shire Council has delegated authority for volunteer committees to manage a number of its halls and sporting fields.

Council has an ongoing commitment to ensuring that community facilities and resources are available to meet the broad needs of the local community and has undertaken to involve the community in the planning, development and management of these facilities and to encourage individuals, each with their own level of skills and experience, to participate in activities and to promote the inclusion of all sections of the community.


For further information about volunteering contact:

Committee Coordinator

Telephone: 02 4868 0704

Nominations for the election of Executive Officers are invited during Section 355 Management Committee's Annual General Meetings.

Annual General Meetings

Management Committee Annual General Meetings are held in July and August each year. 

Committee Meetings

For 2018 355 Management Committee Meeting dates and times see below:

pdf2018 Management Committee Meeting Dates

-Wingello Mechanics Institute Management Committee -Monday 8 October 2018 -7.00pm Wingello Mechanics Institute -
-Mittagong Memorial Hall Management Committee -Thursday 11 October 2018 7.00pm --Mittagong Memorial Hall 
-Moss Vale Community Centre Management Committee AGM-Monday 15 October 2018-1.00pm Moss Vale Community Centre -
-Hampden Park Management Committee-Tuesday 16 October 2018 -5.00pm -Robertson Community Centre 
-Hill Top Community Centre Management Committee -Thursday 18 October 2018 7.00pm --Hill Top Community Centre 
-East Bowral Community Centre Management Committee -Tuesday 23 October 2018 -4.30pm -
East Bowral Community Centre 
-Yerrinbool Hall Management Committee -Tuesday 23 October 2018 -7.00pm -Yerrinbool Hall 
-Loseby Hall Management Committee -Friday 26 October 2018 -9.30am -Loseby Park Hall 
-Jurd Park Management Committee -Tuesday 30 October 2018 -6.30pm -Jurd Park 
-Exeter Hall Management Committee -Monday 5 November 2018 5.00pm -Exeter Hall -
Bong Bong Common Management Committee -Tuesday 13 November 2018-10.30am Gibraltar Room Civic Centre-
-Robertson Community Centre Management Committee -Tuesday 13 November 2018 6.00pm --Robertson Community Centre 


Last Updated: March 12th, 2019
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