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Join us this month for our Arts and Culture In Conversation panel discussion.

The panel will include a specialist keynote speaker on each topic.

There will be a 15-minute introduction from each speaker, a discussion and Q&As with the audience and morning tea (served mid-way).

Meet the MC and the Keynote Speakers on the Panel:

Harriet Goodall - MC

Harriet is a local sculptor and fibre artist, who has been actively involved in women's empowerment and cultural advocacy for two decades. Known for her collaborations with indigenous weaving women in the Fair Trade sector, Harriet has been instrumental in projects that preserve traditional techniques and empower artisans economically.

Rose Marin - Art and Sustainability

Rose the Executive Director at Southern Tablelands Arts is passionate about creating and promoting arts & cultural experiences across 7 local government areas in Southern NSW. Rose is a practising Artist and a qualified educator. She has taught in schools, aged care facilities, disability services and through TAFE NSW.

Paddy O'Dwyer - Emerging Artists

Paddy is an emerging multi-disciplinary artist working across the sound art and environmental art disciplines. He is the creator and performer of the first prototype of the Oceanic Organ, which he uses to raise awareness of the climate emergency through its haunting melodic sirens and rising water levels. 

Justin Harvey - AI and Art

Justin is an artist with a diverse background in visual arts & production. He’s exhibited work in solo and curated exhibitions in Sydney, Chicago, Vancouver, Amsterdam, Hong Kong and South Korea. His 2023 collaboration with generative AI, Unprompted Studies 1-3, was a finalist in the Fisher's Ghost Art Award.

Patrick Nellestein - Therapeutic Art

Patrick is the founder and director of River Road Creative Academy, a vibrant creative arts factory designed to nurture participants' self-expression through music and the arts. Their innovative approach combines well-being with creativity, encouraging fearless exploration in a supportive and dynamic environment.

Topics include:
  • MC Local Artist (Harriet Goodall)
  • Art and sustainability (Rose Marin)
  • Emerging Artists (Paddy O'Dwyer)
  • AI in Art (Justin Harvey)
  • Art as a therapeutic medium (Patrick Nellestein)

The venue is fully accessible. Please advise in advance if you have any accessibility or dietary requirements.








  • Friday, 21 June 2024 | 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM


Civic Centre - Theaterette, 68 Elizabeth Street, Moss Vale, 2577, View Map

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