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Development Applications

Lodged Applications

To view lodged development applications, see DA Tracker.

Recently Approved Applications

View recent Development Applications Approved.

Property Information

Obtain free property information such as zoning, flood risk, minimum lot size by searching the NSW Planning & Environment planning portal.

Modifications and Changes

If you intend to make any changes to a building, build a structure, occupy premises or subdivide land, you need to check whether the proposal is permissible and whether it requires an application.

To check whether proposed works are exempt development (as in that they do not need prior approval), see:

linkePlanning for NSW Interactive Buildings for Exempt Development  

LINKElectronic Housing Code

linkWingecarribee Local Environmental Plan 2010 Map Index 


If proposed works are not exempt development, or if you are unsure whether or not they are, you may obtain advice from Council's Development Control Branch (Planners and Duty Surveyors are available for phone and counter enquiries during business hours).

Application Guidance

Development applications must be made on Council's Development Approval Application form

Poorly prepared applications can lead to delays in assessment.


Please ensure you read the Development Application Form Matrix on Page 3 of the application form prior to lodging your application which provides full details of documentation and plans required for lodgement.


Pre-lodgement meetings are encouraged for large commercial, industrial and medium density developments.


PDFShire Significant Developments (PDF, 46kB)

PDFShire Significant Development information (PDF, 185kB)

PDFDevelopment Co-ordination Unit information (PDF, 107kB)

Last Updated: June 18th, 2019
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