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Wingecarribee Shire Council aims to achieve best value for residents and rate payers when procuring goods and services. This is achieved through transparent practices that promote competition, innovation, local purchasing and sustainable longer term outcomes.


The tendering process is conducted in accordance with the Local Government Act and Regulations.

Tenderers and Contractors must comply with the following:

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NSW Government Code of Practice for Procurement


Wingecarribee Shire Council Code of Conduct



Wingecarribee Shire Council Statement of Business Ethics



Conditions of Responding - Council Tenders



Conditions of Responding - Council Quotations



Conditions of Responding - Council Expressions of Interest



Public Tenders and Quotations - Current

The following Public Tenders and Quotations are current - documents may be downloaded from Council's eTendering website

nsw e-tendendering site - click here to visit

To find a Tender or Quotation on the eTendering website, enter the Request for Tender/Quotation (RFT/RFQ) number in the search box under Current Tenders. Alternatively, click on the corresponding link below to go directly to each Tender or Quotation.

RFT 6330/20.6

Purchase of Organic Waste Shredder

Council (the Principal) is seeking Tenders from appropriately qualified and experienced Contractors for the purchase and supply of a Slow Speed Twin Shaft Organics Shredder to Council’s Resource Recovery Centre in Moss Vale, NSW.

21 April, 10:00am
RFT 6330/20.7

Replacement of Sewage Pump Stations BE-5 & MV-6

Council (the Principal) is seeking Tenders from appropriately qualified and experienced Contractors to construct and commission two new sewage pump stations (MV-6 in Moss Vale and BE-5 in Berrima, NSW), then decommission and demolish the existing pump stations.

28 April, 10:00am
RFT 6330/20.9

Grounds Maintenance – Resource Recovery Centre, Saleyard and Animal Shelter

Council (the Principal) is seeking Tenders from appropriately qualified and experienced Contractors to maintain the internal and external grounds at the Resource Recovery Centre, Saleyard and Animal Shelter in Moss Vale, NSW. This includes poison spraying for weed control and tree removal and replanting over the term of the Contract.

28 April, 10:00am

Public Tenders and Quotations - Closed

The following Public Tenders and Quotations have closed within the last three months. For Tenders, click on the Tender name to view a list of Contractors who submitted a Tender for each project.

RFT/RFQSubmissions ReceivedClosed 

RFQ 6340/20.7

Resource Recovery Centre Stormwater Management – Stage 1

24 March, 10:00am


Supply and Delivery of Bulk Water Treatment Chemicals

24 March, 10:00am

RFT 6330/20.4

Water Asset Medium Voltage Switchgear Upgrade

10 March, 10:00am

RFQ 6340/20.9

Council's Moss Vale Depot - Steel Shed Design and Construction

10 March, 10:00am

RFT 6330/20.5

Merrigang Street Reconstruction – Subgrade Stabilisation (full service)

3 March, 10:00am
RFT 6330/20.2

Sewer Pump Station Electrical Panel Upgrade

3 March, 10:00am
RFT 6330/20.3

Supply of Water Filling Stations

18 February, 10:00am
RFQ 6340/20.1

Review of the Wingecarribee River Flood Study

4 February, 10:00am
RFT 6330/20.1

Berrima Marketplace - Playground Upgrade

4 February, 10:00am

Expressions of Interest

The following Expressions of Interest are sought. Click on the item to view associated documents.


Abandoned Motor Vehicle Expression of Interest Sale


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Last Updated: March 31st, 2020
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