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Tenders & Expressions of Interest

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Wingecarribee Shire Council aims to achieve best value for residents and rate payers when procuring goods and services. This is achieved through transparent practices that promote competition, innovation, local purchasing and sustainable longer term outcomes.


The tendering process is conducted in accordance with the Local Government Act and Regulations.

Tenderers and Contractors must comply with the following:

 GuidelineFile TypeFile Size

NSW Government Code of Practice for Procurement


Wingecarribee Shire Council Code of Conduct



Wingecarribee Shire Council Statement of Business Ethics



Conditions of Responding - Council Tenders



Conditions of Responding - Council Quotations



Conditions of Responding - Council Expressions of Interest



Public Tenders and Quotations - Current

The following Public Tenders and Quotations are current - documents may be downloaded from Council's eTendering website

nsw e-tendendering site - click here to visit

To find a Tender or Quotation on the eTendering website, enter the Request for Tender/Quotation (RFT/RFQ) number in the search box under Current Tenders. Alternatively, click on the corresponding link below to go directly to each Tender or Quotation.



Closing Date

RFT 6330/20.23Seymour Park Playground Upgrade1 December, 10:00am
RFT 6330/20.29Supply of Bulk Materials15 December, 10:00am
RFT 6330/20.30

Reservoir Leak Repair – Oxley Drive Reservoir

22 Decmber, 10:00am

RFQ 6340/20.69

Reservoir Leak Repair – Willow Vale Reservoir

22 December, 10:00am

RFQ 6340/20.70

Southern Highlands Produce Hub Feasibility Study

8 December, 10:00am

RFQ 6340/20.73

Standby DAF Pump System - Design & Construct

22 December, 10:00am

Public Tenders and Quotations - Closed

The following Public Tenders and Quotations have closed within the last three months. For Tenders, click on the Tender name to view a list of Contractors who submitted a Tender for each project.

RFT/RFQSubmissions ReceivedClosed 
EOI 6350/20.3Renwick Community Centre24 November, 10:00am
RFT 6330/20.27

Water & Sewer Renewal - Throsby Street, Moss Vale

10 November, 10:00am
RFT 6330/20.26

Design and Construction for Lift Installation - SRLX

3 November, 10:00am
EOI 6350/20.4Forest Blend Mulch Removal3 November, 10:00am
RFQ 6340/20.61Roadside Mowing27 October, 10:00am
RFQ 6340/20.53Lake Alexandra Outlet Upgrade27 October, 10:00am
RFT 6330/20.16

SPS BU7 & SPS BU2 Containment – Design and Construct

27 October, 10:00am

RFT 6330/20.17

Electrical & Networking and Air Conditioning Services

20 October, 10:00am

RFT 6330/20.18

Painting Services

20 October, 10:00am

RFT 6330/20.19

Plumbing Services

20 October, 10:00am

RFT 6330/20.20

Horticultural and Landscaping Services

20 October, 10:00am

RFT 6330/20.21

Fleet Maintenance Services

20 October, 10:00am

RFQ 6340/20.52Mittagong Sportsground Irrigation13 October, 10:00am

EOI 6350/20.2

Bowral Memorial Hall Refurbishment

6 October, 10:00am

RFT 6330/20.15

SCADA and Control Systems Support & Maintenance

29 September, 10:00am

Expressions of Interest

The following Expressions of Interest are sought. Click on the item to view associated documents.


Abandoned Motor Vehicle Expression of Interest Sale


Last Updated: November 24th, 2020
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