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One of Council’s functions is to regulate development within the Shire in accordance with the requirements of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 and other associated policies and directions from the New South Wales Government. 

This requires Council to find the right balance between protecting the environment, supporting a healthy local economy and providing effective access to community services and infrastructure.


NSW Planning Portal

Online Submission of an application using the NSW Planning Portal

The NSW Planning Portal is an online platform where community, industry and government can work together to provide a digital experience that supports effective planning and decision making under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.

As of 1 July 2020, Development Applications and Complying Development Certificates may be submitted to Council through the NSW Planning Portal (all applications must be lodged through the Planning Portal after the 1 January 2021).

For all other applications that are required to be submitted to Council, please follow instructions specific to the application type detailed on our website.

Submit an Application

To submit an application through the NSW Planning Portal, first you will need to register and then verify your account. If you have already created an account, simply login to get started.

Require Assistance With Submitting Your Application?

Should you require assistance with submitting an application via the Portal, Council offers a range of customer assistance solutions. 

NSW Planning Portal Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when I submit my application via the NSW Planning Portal?

Once you have submitted your application via the Portal, Council will be notified of your new application. Council staff will then review your application to determine if any additional information is required. Should any additional information be required, you will receive an email notification generated from the Portal requesting the relevant information to be submitted (via the Portal).

When Council is satisfied with the documentation submitted with your application, you will receive an email notification generated from the Portal requesting fees to be paid for your application. Once fees are paid, your application will be formally lodged with Council and progressed through for assessment. 

How do I pay my application fees?

Once Council has reviewed your application and is satisfied that all relevant documentation has been submitted, you will receive an email notification (in the form of a fee quote) requesting fees to be paid. The preferred option for payment is via credit card over the phone, however payment can be made in person at Councils Customer Service or by cheque in the post.

Please note: your application will not progress to lodgement until fees are paid.

How do I submit additional information requested on my application?

Council staff may request additional information to support the assessment of the application. This additional information is required to be submitted via the NSW Planning Portal.

For detailed steps on how to submit additional documentation via the Portal, please refer to the relevant Quick Reference Guide.

Please note: additional documentation received via email or hardcopy will not be accepted. All additional information must be submitted to Council through the Portal.

Additional documentation for active applications that have not been lodged via the Portal will still need to be accepted via traditional methods, email or hardcopy included.

I’m having technical issues with the Portal

Service NSW is available to provide technical support for the NSW Planning Portal. All enquiries can be referred to Service NSW by either emailing eplanning@planning.nsw.gov.au or calling 1300 305 695.

What information is publicly available for applications submitted via the Portal?

The NSW Application Tracker can be used by the general public to search for applications that have been submitted via the NSW Planning Portal. 

The information publicly available on the Application Tracker includes the Council to which the application was submitted, the type and status of the application submitted, the Planning Portal application number and the type of development. All documentation submitted to the Portal is not publicly available via the Planning Portal website or the NSW Application Tracker.

For further information on the NSW Planning Portal, please also refer to the NSW Planning Portal website and their Frequently Asked Questions


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