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Bowral Swimming Centre

Location & Contact

152 Mittagong Road, BowralBowral Swimming Centre
Phone: (02) 4861 2598


  • All pools heated to 24 degrees
  • Outdoor 50m swimming pool
  • Outdoor 25m swimming pool
  • Covered toddler and wading pool

  • Fully equipped kiosk including a range of accessories

  • Shaded grassed area, perfect for picnics
  • Accessible car spaces
  • Relax with a cappuccino on the pool deck while enjoying the view  

2019/20 Operating Hours

The 2019/20 season at Bowral Swimming Centre operates from 
Saturday 9 November 2019 to Sunday 29 March 2020.

 Bowral Standard Operating Hours
 Monday - Friday 6am - 6pm
 Saturday 8:30am - 6pm  
 Sunday9:30am - 6pm 
 Public Holiday (excl. Christmas and Boxing day) 9:30am - 6pm

Variations to operating hours:

1. Should patronage be less than 20 people (10 at Bundanoon) and the weather is not conducive to swimming, (rain and cold temp) the Pool Supervisors may close the pools an hour early.

2. On inclement days or where temperatures fall below 18 degrees, two of the three Swimming Centres will be closed from 9:00am. Signage at the pool entrance will provide details of any open pools and advise that the pool has been closed due to inclement weather.

3. The operating hours of Bundanoon and Mittagong Swimming Centre will be extended from Monday to Friday in school holidays and the Centres will remain open when required for functions with significant numbers e.g. School Swimming Carnivals.

4. If the forecast weather 48 hours prior to the date, predicts the temperature will be 32 degrees or greater at 6pm, Bowral Swimming Centre will remain open until 7pm subject to staff availability and that the pool is not already being utilised by Swim Club or casual booking.

Lane & Exclusive Bookings

Week A: Closed for the season

DateLanes BookedActivityStartEnd

Week BClosed for the season

DateLanes BookedActivityStartEnd






Last Updated: August 19th, 2019
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