Residential Waste Services


When and How Do I Put My Bin Out

Please click on the below links to find out the collection day for your street.

Alternatively, you can pick up a paper version of the calendar from Council's Customer Service Centre, or the Resource Recovery Centre in Moss Vale.

If you need a paper copy posted out to you, please email

Bin Placement Guidelines

  • Place your bins on the kerbside the night before your collection day
  • Make sure your bins are presented at least 50cm apart
  • Do not overfill your bins:
    • The lid must close properly
    • Ensure your bins do not weigh more than 70kgs each
  • Place your bins on the kerbside with the Council Logo facing the road.
  • Ensure there are no cars, trees or overhead wires blocking access to your bins.
  • Remove your bins from the kerbside as soon as possible after they have been serviced.

How to correctly place your bins for collection


General Waste (Red Lidded Bin)

Wingecarribee Shire Council offers a range of sizes and collection frequencies of red lidded bins to help residents better manage their waste:

Available bin sizes include: 80L, 140L, 240L, with the standard option being 80L. 

While these bins are usually collected weekly, residents can reduce costs by opting for a fortnightly collection of the 80L red lidded bin. Collection would be on the same day as the yellow lidded recycling bin.

What Goes In Your Red Lidded Bin?

Your red lidded bin is used to dispose of items that are ultimately destined for landfill, but this doesn't mean everything can go in these bins. The contents of these bins are still sorted to divert valuable resources from landfill and some waste types are an environmentally unsafe if sent to landfill.

Also check out the handy guide to see what should go in your red-lidded bin.

What to put in the general waste bin with the red lid  

What Should Not Be Placed In Your Red Lidded Bin?

Have a look at ourHandy Quick Reference Guide to see how best to dispose of a large range of household waste products.

What not to put in the general waste bin with the red lid

Conditions Of Your General Waste Service

Please, only general household waste should be placed in your garbage bin

The lid of your bin needs to close completely with nothing protruding out.

All bins need to be removed from the kerb by residents as soon as possible after emptying.

If your bin is damaged please contact 4868 0888 to arrange repairs.

General Waste Hints and Tips

You can remove food scraps from your garbage bin and help the environment by setting up a compost bin or worm farm at home.

Single use plastic bags are incredibly damaging to the environment and it is best to ensure you avoid them when shopping at the supermarket. 

However if you do have some you can return them to most supermarkets where they will recycle them. This ensure they aren’t being sent to landfill where they will not break down and cause permanent environmental damage.


Recycling (Yellow Lidded Bin)

Wingecarribee Shire Council offers three sizes of yellow lidded bins to help residents better manage their recycling:

Available bin sizes include: 140L, 240L and 360L, with the standard being 240L.

These bins are collected fortnightly. 

The recycling service is commingled, which means all recyclable items are placed together into one bin. 

Also check out the handy guide to see what should go in your yellow-lidded bin.

What Goes In Your Yellow Lidded Bin?

You can also take a look at out Handy Quick Reference Guide to see what you can put in your yellow lidded recycling bin.

What to put in the recycling bin with the yellow lid

What Should Not Be Placed In Your Yellow Lidded Bin?

There are many items that can be recycled, just not using your Council Yellow Lidded Bin.

Have a look at out Handy Quick Reference Guide to see how to dispose of many of your unwanted waste types.

The collection vehicles are fitted with cameras to check the bin contents every time it is emptied. Residents who continually place incorrect items in the recycling bin may have their bin removed.

What not to put in the recycling bin with the yellow lid

Helpful Hints

Recycling plastics can be complicated. Plastic can be made from a variety of different materials and depending on this material and how it is made will contribute to how it can be recycled. The basic idea is if it is hard enough to be unable to poke a hole through with your finger but also flexible enough to be twisted, then it is recyclable. 

Helpful Recycling Hints

Check out the below Flyers on the 7 Golden Rules of Kerbside Recycling and the 7 different types of plastics; common items made from the plastic type and products they are recycled into:

Garden Organics (Green Lidded Waste Bin)

Your Green Lidded Bin is a 240L bin, collected fortnightly.

This garden organics collection service allows residents to divert garden waste from around the home and away from landfill, thereby reducing the production of the greenhouse gas methane. 

The recovered garden waste will be processed into a range of mulch products. This process meets AS4454-2012 Australian standards.


What Goes In Your Garden Organics Bin?

Also check out our handy guide to see what should go in your green lidded bin;


Missed, Lost or Stolen Bin

If your bin has not been collected, is damaged or has been lost or stolen please contact our Customer Service Centre on 02 4868 0888.

Calls received before 12.00 noon can be collected on the same day, any calls after 12.00 noon will be collected the following day.

Reduce the risk of a missed service by ensuring that you place your bin out for collection the night before your designated collection day.

Request a New Service or Change an Existing Service

Wingecarribee Shire Council has a variety of collection services available to suit your needs.

Resource Recovery Bin Service Options  



  • 80L bin collected fortnightly or weekly
  • 140L bin or 240L bin collected weekly



  • 140L collected fortnightly (only available with fortnightly garbage collections)
  • 240L collected fortnightly
  • 360L collected fortnightly


Garden Organics

  • 240L collected fortnightly




Different charges apply for the different services chosen. If you wish to change your service or order a new service please choose the appropriate form below.

If you are unsure which form to use or would like more information please contact 1300 133 969.



Waste Education

For more information on Waste Education, please click on the below link;