Tree Removal - Request for Exemption

Use this form to apply for an exemption for tree removal pursuant to State Environmental Planning Policy (Vegetation in Non-Rural Areas) 2017.

This form is limited to 5 trees only. If you are applying for more than 5 trees in a 12 month period, use the Vegetation Clearing Permit form.

Do not use this form if:

  • Your request for tree removal is part of, or in relation to, a development application.
  • The subject property is within a rural zone controlled by Local Land Services.
  • The subject property is within a Heritage Conservation Area or is a heritage item.
  • For clearing patches of native vegetation. Currently, Council can issue permits for the removal of individual trees (1 or more) but not for clearing patches of native vegetation. Use the Vegetation Clearing Permit form until amendments to Council's Development Control Plans are endorsed by Council. 

Note: The current temporary inability of Council to issue a permit for clearing patches of native vegetation under the Vegetation SEPP is not a legal defence to the offence of picking plants under the NSW Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016

Supporting information

If the tree is dead or dying or poses an imminent risk to human life or substantial property you will be required to submit two colour photos (minimum), a site plan, and a description of the subject tree with this application.

Risks that are imminently dangerous may include:

  • Obvious instability of the root system
  • Evidence of recent soil heave or cracking
  • Substantial storm damage
  • Substantial structural defects

Dead or dying trees which contain habitat or the potential of habitat will require a Vegetation Clearing Permit

Work undertaken without approval

Council may undertake compliance action for any work undertaken without approval if Council is not satisfied that the subject tree was dead, dying, posed an imminent risk to human life or substantial property, or was exempted under a Development Control Plan (DCP). 

Statement outlining reasons for proposed works (mandatory requirement)

All applications must be accompanied by a separate statement outlining the reasons behind requesting the proposed works. Your Statement must be clear and outline valid reasons which support your proposed works.

Site plan (mandatory requirement)

A basic site plan which shows the following information must be submitted with your application.

The site plan can be hand drawn provided it is clear and shows the following:

  • Site boundaries, street, street name.
  • Main dwelling, sheds, other structures.
  • The subject tree/s is to be shown as a circle and numbered if more than one.

Google Maps/aerial photos will not accepted.

Do not write any additional information on the site plan.

Colour photos (mandatory requirement)

Please provide at least two colour photographs with your submission to demonstrate the context of the tree, possible damage, and/or disease.