Marissa Racomelara - Acting Director, Communities and Place

Marissa Racomelara is the Director Communities and Place. Marissa is a system design and strategy professional with broad private, state and local government experience, in both metropolitan and regional councils.

Her roles have included community services, crime prevention, business improvement, corporate services, place management, strategy and project management. Marissa commenced at WSC as Deputy General Manager prior to supporting the Public Inquiry. Her recent experience at senior levels in Tamworth and Armidale Regional Councils covered diverse portfolios including Asset Management, Planning, Corporate Services, Finance, Project Delivery, Community and Corporate Strategy, and business excellence.

Marissa is passionate about public service and leading teams and the important role that an effective Council can have in improving places by working with community. Marissa holds a Master of Management (Hons), Master of Arts (Crime Prevention), a Bachelor of Social Science and Diploma in Risk Management.

Marissa will be responsible for the following areas:

  • Community Development and Libraries
  • Compliance and Regulation
  • Environment and Sustainability 
  • Health and Building
  • Place Management 
  • Statutory Planning (Development Applications)