Adan Davis - Director Communities and Place

Adan Davis

Adan has over 20 years’ experience in local government. He was previously the Group Manager Planning at Cumberland City Council, and prior to that a planning manager at Holroyd City Council.

Adan is an experienced in land use planning policy and planning processes, development assessment, Land and Environment Court work, urban design and panel administration. In his role as Group Manager Planning at Cumberland City Council he was responsible for development assessment, building certification and compliance, strategic planning and urban design.

He was also responsible for corporate planning, integrated planning and reporting and the Community Strategic Plan which involved working across the many functions of Council, including community, library, environmental and waste services.

Adan oversaw the re-building of the planning department at Cumberland City Council following amalgamation. He was instrumental in the creation of new customer-focussed processes and teams, improving staff culture and service to the community.

Adan and his partner have three school age children and a pug named Tilly. He lives in north-west Sydney and will be moving to the area to start the new role.

Adan plans to complement Councils new senior management team with his leadership skills, experience and passion for improving community life. He is looking forward to working with the Community and Place team and getting to know the local community.

Adan can be contacted on 02 4868 0888 or via 

The Communities and Place Directorate comprises the following areas:

Community Life and Libraries - Manager, Kathryn Baget-Juleff

Coordinator Community Development
- Community Development and Liaison 

- Aboriginal Community Development

- Community Resilience

- Arts and Culture

- Community Events

  • Place Liaison Officer

  • Coordinator Library Services 
    - Management of the Shires Libraries
    - Mobile Library
    - Information Services
  • Coordinator Communications and Engagement
    - Communications and Media
    - Digital Communications
    - Community Engagement


Development Assessment & Regulation - Jon Shillito

  • Coordinator Fast Track Assessment
    - Accelerated Assessment

    - Heritage Projects

    - Statutory Planning

  • Coordinator Planning Assessment
    - Development Assessment

    - Local Planning Panel

  • Coordinator Compliance and Regulation
    - Ranger Services

    - Development Compliance

    - Monitoring and Certification

    - Environmental Health

  • Coordinator Development Engineering 

Environment and Sustainability - Manager, Barry Arthur

  • Coordinator Natural Resource Projects
    - Bushcare and Citizen Science

    - Bushfire Management

    - Koalas and Private Land Conservation

    - Biodiversity Projects

    - Environmental Education

  • Coordinator Sustainability Services
    - Environmental Monitoring

    - Sustainability Projects

Waste and Resource Management - Manager, Clinton McAlistar

  • Coordinator Waste Services
    - Weighbridge Operations

    - Waste Education Project & Policy

    - Waste Strategy and Contracts

  • Coordinator Resource Recovery Centre (RRC) Operations
    - RRC Operations