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Bowral Swimming Centre

Location & Contact

152 Mittagong Road, BowralBowral Swimming Centre
Phone: (02) 4861 2598


  • All pools heated to 24 degrees
  • Outdoor 50m swimming pool
  • Outdoor 25m swimming pool
  • Covered toddler and wading pool

  • Fully equipped kiosk including a range of accessories

  • Shaded grassed area, perfect for picnics
  • Relax with a cappuccino on the pool deck while enjoying the view  

2017/18 Operating Hours

The 2017/18 season at Bowral Swimming Centre will run from the 
7 October 2017 to the 25 March 2018. 


6am to 6pm


6am to 6pm


6am to 6pm 


6am to 6pm


6am to 6pm


8:30am to 6pm


9:30am to 6pm

Public Holidays

10am to 5pm

Christmas Day


Lane & Exclusive Bookings

Week A

DateLanes BookedActivityStartEnd
12/02/181 x 50School Booking7:00am8:00am
12/02/18AllSchool Booking9:00am3:00pm

2 x 25m 1 x 50m

Council Learn to Swim3:30pm6:00pm


AllSchool Booking8:30am2:30pm
13/02/181 x 25mSwim With Jan3:30pm4:30pm
14/02/181 x 50mSchool Booking7:00am8:00am
14/02/18AllSchool Booking7:30am3:30pm
15/02/18AllSchool Booking9:00am3:00pm
15/02/182 x 25m 1 x 50mCouncil Learn to Swim3:30pm6:00pm
16/02/181 x 50School Booking7:00am8:00am
16/02/18AllSchool Booking9:30am1:30pm
16/02/181 x 25mSwim with Jan3:30pm4:30pm
16/02/181 x 25mSwim with Jan4:30pm5:00pm
16/02/181 x 50Highlands Triathilon5:00pm6:00pm
16/02/181 x 50Mittagong Swim Club5:00pm6:00pm
16/02/18AllMittagong Swim Club6:00pm7:30pm

Week B:  

DateLanes BookedActivityStartEnd
19/02/181 x 50mSchool Booking7:00am8:00am


School Booking8:30am3:00pm
19/02/182 x 25m, 1 x 50mCouncil Learn to Swim3:30pm6:00pm
20/02/18AllSchool Booking9:00am2:30pm
20/02/181 x 25mSwim With Jan3:00pm4:30pm
20/02/18AllSHWP Water Polo5:00pm9:00pm
21/02/181 x 50mSchool Booking7:00am7:30am
21/02/18AllSchool Booking7:30am3:30pm
21/02/18AllSchool Booking6:00pm9:00pm
22/02/18AllSchool Booking7:30am3:30pm
22/02/182 x 25m, 1 x 50mCouncil Learn to Swim3:30pm6:00pm
22/02/18AllWater Polo6:00pm7:30pm
23/02/181 x 50mSchool Booking7:00am8:00am
23/02/18AllSchool Booking8:00am3:30pm
23/02/181 x 25mSwim With Jan3:30pm4:30pm
23/02/181 x 50mSwim with Jan4:30pm5:00pm
23/02/181 x 25m, 1 x 50mHighlands Triathilon Training5:00pm6:00pm
23/02/181 x 50mMittagong Swim Club5:00pm6:00pm
23/02/182 x 50mMittagong Swim Club6:00pm7:30pm

Updated 12/02/18

Location Map

Last Updated: February 13th, 2018
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