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Water Filling Stations

Council and the Department of Primary Industries - Water have installed six water filling stations to replace the metered standpipe system.

The benefits of implementing the new system are summarised below:

  • To protect Council's water supply and minimise health risks to the community by ensuring adequate protection against cross contamination as per the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines 2004.
  • To protect Council's assets from being damaged resulting in costly repairs and water wastage.
  • To reduce disruption and dirty water issues caused by misuse of standpipes.
  • Streamline administration and improve policing of water theft.

Application Form

pdfWater Filling Station Application Form (PDF, 658kB)

Station Locations

pdfWater Filling Stations Location Map (PDF, 523kB)

The locations of the existing filling stations are:

  • Aylmerton near corner of Chalkerville Road and Hume Highway (near RMS dump site)
  • Bowral near corner of Kangaloon Road and Old South Road (near RMS dump site)

  • Exeter near corner of Bundanoon Road and Ringwood Road (next to Electrical substation)
  • Moss Vale near corner of Oldbury Road and Illawarra Highway (outside Water Pumpstation)
  • Robertson near corner of Rossgoll Road and Illawarra Highway (next to Electrical substation and 600m west of railway line)
  • Welby near corner of Berrima Street and Bendooley Street (outside RMS depot)


Illegal Use of Water Hydrant Standpipes

It is illegal for people, other than emergency services and Council officers, to take water from water hydrant standpipes in the Wingecarribee Shire.

To report the illegal use of water hydrant standpipes, contact Customer Service.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

On Approval of your application, you will be given an access code to the locks.

  • Open the upper cover and place the card onto the panel.
  • Take note of the volume on the display, this shows how much water is available to be drawn from the unit.
  • Open lower panel and connect hose from truck to 65mm Storz outlet. (same fitting as the fire brigade)
  • To Start press Black button until desired flow is achieved.
  • To Stop press the Red button until the flow has stopped or just take the card away from the unit and the machine will shut down. (again take note of the reading on the display and subtract the volume from the original volume to determine the amount of water used.) 

Do I need a hose to connect the the UFS outlet? 

Yes, A hose with a 65mm STORZ outlet (same as a fire brigade fitting) is required to be connected to the low level, back-flow protected filling station.

Can I have more than one card?

Yes, it is advisable to hold two cards and rotate their use, when one card's credit expires, simply swap cards and continue the extraction. When convenient, see Customer Service and ask for the expired card to be reloaded.

Can I get an exemption?

Special exemptions can be requested in writing to council and will be subject to the approval by Manager of Water and Sewerage. The following criteria must be met to be considered for special exemptions:

  • The location of the water delivery is greater than 15km from one of the existing urban filling stations.
  • The quantity of water to be delivered is greater than 10,000 litres
  • The frequency of delivery is greater then once a day

Contractors / Water carters will need to show documented evidence / log records to validate each exemption point listed above.

Last Updated: June 16th, 2018
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