Welby Landfill Remediation

  • Project value$19,000,000
  • Project scheduleEstimated completion 2026
Welby Landfill Image

The former Welby Landfill is situated at 40 Colo Street in Welby NSW. The landfill footprint is of irregular shape and elevated above the surrounding topography. The general layout of the landfill is presented in Figure 2 of Appendix A1 to the closure plan.

The lateral extent of landfilling is generally bounded by storm water/leachate dams around the toe. The former Welby Landfill is situated within the footprint of a sandstone quarry. Landfilling commenced in 1957 when quarrying activities were completed.

Between 1957 and 1989 the landfill was operated as a trench and burn tip which was followed by a period of more traditional landfilling. Based upon information provided by Golder Associates, landfilling is understood to have ceased in 2002, at which time it was capped. It is noted, however, that Woodward Clyde wrote that the site had been capped prior to their investigation in 1996. Little information is available around the types of waste emplaced within the landfill, however it is assumed that the majority would comprise residential waste and construction and demolition waste based on similar local facilities. 

Community Impacts

Increased truck activity will be prevalent, mainly driven by stockpile removal, which will also result in noise and dust. The Development Application (DA) will outline measures and strategies for mitigating these risks.  


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