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Your Yellow Lidded Bin

Yellow Lidded Bin

Wingecarribee Shire Council offers three sizes of yellow lidded bins to help residents better manage their recycling:

Available bin sizes include: 140L, 240L and 360L, with the standard being 240L.

These bins are collected fortnightly. 

The recycling service is commingled, which means all recyclable items are placed together into one bin. 

linkYour Red Lidded Bin 
linkYour Green Lidded Bin
PDFHandy Quick Reference Guide (PDF,143KB)
linkRRC Waste Disposal Guide

What Goes in your Yellow Lidded Bin?

Yellow Recycling Bin

It is important that all items remain loose and are not placed inside plastic bags.

Handy Quick Refeernce Guide

Handy Quick Reference Guide

 Paper and Cardboard

Cardboard Boxes, Newspaper, 

Magazines, Office Paper and 

Junk Mail

 Rigid Plastics

Rigid Plastic Containers from 

your kitchen, bathroom and 

laundry (lids removed)


Steel/Aluminium Cans and

Empty Aerosols

 Glass Bottles and Jars

Glass Bottles and Jars (lids removed)

What Should Not be Placed in your Yellow Lidded Bin?

There are many items that can be recycled, just not using your Council Yellow Lidded Bin. Have a look at out Handy Quick Reference Guide to see how to dispose of many of your unwanted waste types:

PDF IconHandy Quick Reference Guide (PDF, 40KB)

 Plastic Bags

Plastic Bags



 Expanded Polystyrene

Expanded Polystyrene

 Syringes & Medical Waste

Syringes and Medical Waste

Building Materials 

Building Materials

Hazardous Waste 

Hazardous Materials

 Food Waste

Food Waste

Plastic packets and wrappersPlastic Packets and Wrappers

Small Metal Parts

Small Metal Items and Old Tools


Clothing, Shoes and Bedding

Machinery Parts

Machinery and Auto Parts

Oil, Paints and Chemicals

Oils, Paints and Chemicals

Recycling Hints and Tips

  • Please flatten plastic and cardboard containers to make more space in your recycling bin
  • Please wipe out or rinse recyclable containers in old washing up water before placing them in the recycling bin

An ongoing recycling bin inspection program will take place to ensure only recyclable items are placed in the correct bin.

The new collection vehicles are fitted with cameras to check the bin contents every time it is emptied. Residents who continually place incorrect items in the recycling bin may have their bin removed.

Last Updated: March 14th, 2019
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