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Wingecarribee River Council Projects

Wingecarribee River Council Projects

Council owns and manages only about 10 km of the total of 160 kilometres of land along the banks of the river. In these areas, there are a number of fantastic projects underway - all made possible by your environment levy.

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Past Projects

Green Army Project - Bong Bong Common

Two sections of Wingecarribee River will benefit from a local Green Army project targeting environmental weeds along the banks of the Wingecarribee River. The Green Army is an Australian Government initiative that taps into local knowledge to meet local environmental challenges.

Our first Green Army team commenced in September 2015 and concluded in March 2016. The second Green Army team commenced on 26 September 2016 and concluded on 2 March 2017. The focus of these Green Army projects is on rehabilitating the 1.3 kilometres of the Wingecarribee River downstream of Moss Vale Road along the Bong Bong Common (site 1) and an 840 metre reach of the river between Phillip St and Sullivan Rd.

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Key objectives of the project were controlling invasive woody weeds, such as Willows, Privet and Hawthorn, and viney weeds such as Japanese Honeysuckle; planting native trees, such as the endangered Eucalyptus macarthurii, native sedges, rushes and clumping grasses (Poa spp.) to help protect and the riverbanks from erosion, and native shrubs to enhance the habitat for small native birds.

The Green Army team also donned waders so they could cut and poison the Willows overhanging the water's edge. Once they were killed the Willow stems were dragged away from the river to be mulched. This helps to eliminate the risk of log jams that can form after flood events and it provided mulch for use around the revegetation plantings. 

Aside from planting 8,000 native plants the Green Army team propagated another 2,000 plants in the Community Nursery that were used by the Bushcare volunteers.

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Burradoo Blackberry and Willow Control

Willows And Blackberry on Wingecarribee River, Burradoo

This project, a collaboration between Council, South East Local Land Services and NSW Department of Primary Industry (Crown Lands), commenced in late 2015 and involves the control of large infestations of Blackberry and Willows on the banks and "islands" in the river at Burradoo. The first treatment was completed in 2015. Follow up treatments were completed in December 2016 and Early 2017, when the blackberry and willows are actively growing and treatment is most effective.

Ongoing maintenance will be facilitated by Council's Bushcare Team and the Wingecarribee Rivercare Group.


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Last Updated: October 17th, 2019
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