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What's Up In Waste?

Whats up in waste

On this page you can find waste and recycling information, news and events.

Resource Recovery Centre Update - 24 April 2020

The RRC is open but working under restrictions:

  • No cash or cheque payments are being accepted. Payment must be by card.
  • The Reviva shop is closed
  • Limited numbers of customers (12 vehicles) are allowed on site at any one time with priority will be given to local businesses
  • Delays are to be expected.

View: Media Release 24/4/20

2020 Waste Collection Calendar

A 6 month calendar has been created for the Jan-June period as we will be moving to a financial year calendar.

Download the 2020 Waste Collection Calendar, or pick up a paper version from Council's Customer Service Centre, or the Resource Recovery Centre in Moss Vale.

Please note: this single calendar replaces the two calendars used in the past. The Collection Zone name has changed. 

Please follow the schedule below.

  • If you were in the PURPLE Zone in 2019 - follow Week A
  • If you were in the ORANGE Zone in 2019 - follow Week B

2020 Calendar

Alternatively, if you need a paper copy posted out to you, please email mail@wsc.nsw.gov.au.

Compost Revolution 


Council has joined the Compost Revolution - a multi - award winning program that empowers and equips our residents to cut their waste in half and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, through home composting, worm farming, and bokashi fermentation. There are tutorials, quizzes and products to buy. 

This project is a NSW EPA Waste Less, Recycle More Initiative funded from the waste levy.

Recycling Confusing? - Check out the new Australasian Recycling Label

Planet Ark have been working hard with some of Australia and New Zealand's leading businesses to reduce confusion about recycling. The Australasian Recycling Label is set to reduce this confusion. 

See the new label here 

Loads Must be Covered

It is a legal requirement that loads are covered when driving on NSW roads.

Link IconClick here for further information

Customers are reminded that anyone coming to purchase recycled products at the Resource Recovery Centre must have the ability to cover the load before leaving. 

Sale of product will be refused if:

  • on entry, the load cannot be covered
  • on exit, the load is not covered

What Soft Plastics are Accepted for Free at the RRC?

What Soft Plastic can we Accept?

  • Clear (no colours)
  • Clean film plastics – glad wrap, cling film, plastic wrap, bubble wrap
  • No mixed material eg metal/plastic, no paper (eg shop dockets) 

What Kind of Soft Plastic is Accepted at the RRC?

Although there are many kinds of soft plastics, the only kind the RRC can accept for free is:

  • Bubble wrap
  • Clean cling wrap
  • Clear A4 sheet protectors
  • Clear plastic bags
  • Clear plastic newspaper wrapping
  • Snap/Zip lock bags

If you aren’t sure, please feel free to ask at our Community Recycling Centre at the RRC.

Redcycle is another soft plastics recycling program undertaken through Coles Supermarkets, click on the following link for options:

Soft Plastic Recycling with Redcycle


  • Plastic bags never go into the yellow lidded recycling bin: not for recycling and not with recycling inside. 
  • Supermarket shopping bags can generally be returned to the shops they came from - remember no shop dockets inside

Link IconWhat goes in the yellow lidded recycling bin?

External Links


Planet Ark:

Community Recycling Centre

The Community Recycling Centre takes Household problem wastes for FREE, the centre is located at the Moss Vale Resource Recovery Centre.

Link IconWhat can I bring to the CRC? 

CRC Household Problem Waste

Last Updated: April 30th, 2020
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