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Draft Backflow Prevention Policy

A draft Backflow Prevention Policy has been placed on public exhibition from 12 March to 23 April 2018.

PDF icon Draft Backflow Prevention Policy (233KB)

The objectives of this policy are:

  • To minimise public health risk
  • To protect the drinking water quality within Council’s water reticulation system
  • To ensure compliance with relevant legislation

The Backflow Prevention Policy is applicable to all connections to Council’s water supply network. A backflow prevention device is used to prevent reverse flow of potentially polluted water getting into the drinking water supply.

Where properties are deemed to be of medium to high risk to the water supply due to the internal practices, the device is required to be tested on an annual basis and registered with Council to meet the regulatory requirements. This usually includes industrial, commercial, agricultural properties and properties with alternative water supplies (including water tanks). The actions required for relevant property owners are outlined in the draft policy.

How to make a submission

Written submissions on the draft policy must be received by 4.30pm Monday 23 April 2018 and may be emailed to mail@wsc.nsw.gov.au, posted to PO Box 141 Moss Vale 2577 or delivered by hand to the Civic Centre at 68 Elizabeth Street, Moss Vale.

For further information please contact Victoria Longley, Coordinator Sewer, on 02 4868 0520 during business hours. 

Last Updated: March 16th, 2018
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