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Online Waste Education Materials

Feel free to download and use any of the following student activity worksheets and posters for your class or community group.


What Goes Where – Pictorial images of what can go in each bin
Recycling Plastics (PDF,526 KB) – Poster of the different types of plastics and their uses

Student Options

What am I recycled into?

The What am I recycled into? (PDF, 760KB) gives students the ability to consolidate the knowledge gained at a 4Rs session about different items in the yellow lidded recycling bin and what they can be recycled into.

In this game the matching cards are placed next to one another in the template; however, the card game can be adapted to include other correct answers such as paper can be recycled into paper and newspaper into more newspaper, by duplicating copies of appropriate cards.

Waste Less Lunches or Nude Food

Using the Nude Food worksheets, students consider the waste that comes from their lunches to help Sally and Mr Brice to improve their lunches to reduce their waste.

Nude Food Worksheet (PDF,1.59MB)

For more games and activities for students, please contact the Waste Education Officer using the below details.

Email:         waste.education@wsc.nsw.gov.au

Phone:        02 4868 0507

Post:           PO Box 141, Moss Vale, NSW  2577

Last Updated: February 22nd, 2017
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