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School Workshops and Presentations

School Workshops and Presentations

Waste education presentations and workshops include the following topics:

Sessions are interactive, fun and flexible, and can be tailored to suit the needs of your group. Combine any one of the above topics or surround your specific questions about waste. 

School presentations range from individual classes to whole school assemblies, student committees and curriculum support.

Sessions are normally 40-50 minutes but can be tailored to your needs. 

Waste Audits

Waste Audits will require some pre-planning and preparation, and time taken to complete will vary depending on volume of waste being assessed. Click here for more information. 

Further Information

Check out our Waste Education Resources Page and see what we have available for local schools to utilise. 

Contact our Waste Education Officer if you are interested in a workshop or presentation:

Phone: 02 4868 0888


Mail: PO Box 141, Moss Vale, NSW  2577

Last Updated: April 24th, 2020
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