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Wingecarribee is not a tip - don’t let them treat it that way

In response to a recent spate of unauthorised landfill and vegetation removal incidents across the Shire, Wingecarribee Shire Council is advising residents to be aware of the implications of accepting free landfill. 

Don’t Illegally Clear or Fill Your Land

Council has been notified of businesses advertising “free clean fill” to Wingecarribee residents. Residents should be aware that this type of “free clean fill” is generally construction waste containing asbestos, building debris and heavy metal contaminants. Accepting fill of this type can lead to hundreds of thousands of dollars’ in clean-up costs, and in most instances the responsibility of this stays with the Landowner. 

Understand the Consequences

Council will initiate action against those person/parties, including landowners, responsible for all instances where unauthorised land-use activities are undertaken or where land-use activities are undertaken contrary to development consent. This may include, issuing a penalty notice or taking legal action dependent on the extent of environmental damage caused and the nature of the offence. Under the relevant planning and environmental protection legislation the penalties for unauthorised or non-complying land-use activities can range up to $5million including further penalties for each day the offence continues where the matter is taken before a Court. 

Not Without Permission

Residents are reminded that development consent from Council is generally required for the removal of native vegetation and individual trees, as well as works associated with landfilling, earth moving and regrading. If you are considering undertaking any form of development, it is important that you contact Council to discuss your need to obtain prior approval.

Don’t Risk the Environment

Wingecarribee is a unique natural area with high conservation significance and is home to several threatened species, including Koalas and Glossy Black Cockatoos, is part of the regionally significant Great Western Wildlife Corridor and is the source of Sydney’s drinking water

Unauthorised Landfill
Unauthorised landfilling, associated earthworks and the illegal removal of native vegetation have the potential to cause significant environmental damage and could result in harm to a range of threatened species and their habitat.

See it Report it

Council encourages you to report anything unusual to our anonymous illegal landfill hotline (02) 4868 0888 or report through the Snap Send Solve app by clicking on the image below. 

Snap Send Solve

This may include increases in truck movements, advertisements or door knocking advertising free fill. Council officers will respond to any report of alleged illegal land use activity and conduct random audits of properties for the purpose of identifying any unauthorised landfilling, earth moving and regrading, dam construction and maintenances, and illegal land clearing activity. 

Further Information

Should you have any further enquiries, please contact Council’s Planning Development and Regulatory services on (02) 4868 0888.


Last Updated: November 3rd, 2020
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