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Roads & Footpath: Openings & Restorations

Roads & Footpath: Openings & Restorations

Underground services and excavation includes installation of underground services within Council's Road Reserve and any other activity that involves excavation within Council's Road reserve.

In the following information and attachments, where the word Street or Road is used, it refers to every part of the road reserve including but not limited to:

  • the road carriageway surface and underlying pavement, 
  • the footpath, 
  • driveways, 
  • kerbs and 
  • gutters drainage assets and 
  • any other ancillary items within the road reserve. 

Conditions for Planned Activity

Conditions Planned Activity in Council Road Reserve (PDF, 33kBPDF)

Conditions for Planned Activity in Council Road Reserve is a guide that details the conditions of performing your work on Council's Road Reserve.

This is not a consent under section 138 to carry out the work. Consent will not be granted until conditions numbered 1 to 8 are met and satisfactory evidence of compliance is submitted.

Specifications 306U for Road Openings & Restorations 

Specifications 306U for Road Openings & Restorations (PDF, 190kB)PDF

Specifications 306U Road Opening & Restorations is Council's specification for Road Openings & Restorations (306U)

Note: You will also need to get Dial Before You Dig plans showing councils Water, Sewer and Stormwater assets.

If the work is near traffic signals, you will need to let the Roads & Maritime Services (RMS) know about your plans and obtain plans of their assets and get their advice on how to go about the excavation.

You will need to provide Council with a drawing showing the crossing locations and the restoration details including method of restoration, timetable for restoration and names of subcontractors proposed to carry out the work. 

Contact & More Information

For further information, contact:

Technical Services Division
Telephone: 02 4868 0888

Last Updated: September 13th, 2019
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